Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 12th May 2020.

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The objects and seating were all arranged in a closed room, whereby only a few minutes later experienced members and medium began to arrive.

Everybody was in full view of each other and all of the objects which had been placed on to a long, easily seen, central table.

MESSAGES started to come through and these were from individuals in spirit, specifically including personal speech and personality habit references, to members sat in the séance via the medium.

It was during the messages from spirits that NOISES could be heard. These sounds were movement based, as if someone was putting something down on top of a table. Twice, noises were collectively heard but despite both areas of the room being observed at that precise time, nothing could be seen as means of explanation for the two periods of sound.

The medium referred to a lady in spirit and particular information was given as for someone thought to be a Victoria Wood, CBE (19 May 1953 – 20 April 2016) an English comedienne, an actress, singer, composer, producer, screenwriter and director. Research has shown that Wood wrote and starred in dozens of sketches, plays, musicals, films and sitcoms over several decades and her live comedy act was interspersed with her own compositions which she performed at the piano. Much of her humour was about everyday life and included references to classically thought of as British activities, attitudes or even products that are considered to exemplify the country. Noted for her skills in observing culture and in satirising aspects of the social class, in the physical séance the lady actually made a joke out of trying to frighten people. There was much mirth amongst the members as the lady in spirit talked about performing comedy routines as easily as engaging in a favourite pastime. She spoke about an absolute love for her family, pride was expressed for recent achievements they had made and she was keen to talk about persistence leading to success.

SUMMARY of the séance included a full validation of both the accuracy and meaning of the earlier messages which had been given and received. Members could specifically validate why and how the messages meant something to them. The details helped to verify the messages as evidence that had been gained from the séance.