Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on the 11th March 2014.

As one expects in sitting for a physical circle there is a focus on the physical activity that may be seen, heard or felt and it is by investigating what occurs that evidence may be produced.

The last séance was not only intriguing by nature of what was evidenced but also there was a link to two of the sitters in the investigation which made it a different type of experience.

There are research historical account of physical circles which have gone on to provide evidence of materialisation, object movement and apports.  There are sitters who have each on an individual level given reference to sighting spirit and then each have validated forms of physical activity occur either in front of or near to their position within a spirit investigation but from a para point of analysis it is interesting if there can be proven collated occurrences as then that may be objectively proven on a larger level.

In this last sitting physical was noted in two main forms.  One came from the noise surrounding those who sat and particular to the time when a query was put or statement from one of the sitters asking if spiritual individuals could make some noise and the second came from particular moments when a large door banging could be detected but with no material in the room from which this should be so.

Two of the sitters experienced a lot of noise activity as from their points in the circle there was banging on the walls each time they spoke.  It became almost unavoidable as each time one of them would point to or talk in the circle then so too would the noises on the walls behind and at the sides.  The reason for why this was so was looked into and there was nothing to explain why this fast tapping would be picked up.  With nothing outside of the room to make that or any form of audible evidence.

One moment was taken up by all who were in the investigation and that was when a door was banged closed so much so that as if it was on a echoing material, it could be noted as being so by the shaking of items or the audible trace of them as if this were so but this was odd as there was no such object or anything similar to make that noise in the room.

While the sitters were speaking about that activity a lot of small lights were seen by many of the members all coming from the area where the active audible had taken place.

As the investigation moved on it was more noticeable two sitters were picking out evidence of spirit but using two different methods and whilst this was separate with no opportunity for one to know what the other was able to reference the two came in aid of building an image of the spirit who was claimed to be within the sitting.

One of the sitters who is a medium had their conscious ability limited as they went into a semi conscious level which is supposed to help with sighting who spirit people are and inform on researchable evidence.  The other sitter who was looking actively for physical to occur and noting what if any had occurred was sitting and commenting on what was going on but there was a period where these two came intriguingly in as one spirit was picked and defined by one and the other who was looking to the same part of the séance began to talk regarding what was around that same spirit individual in term of other imagery.

Although the two medium sitters were using different methods by locating the spiritual being after the séance the two sets of persona and images of who they were was validated by another of the sitters who was taken aback by how much the wording, the particulars and the info was specified to the person she loved and who had been an important person to her.  The moments responsive tapping was noted by the sitters was another main formation of evidence in the sitting as this materialisation of tapping came as a sitter would ask and at times when the action was evidence of spirit converse.  In a sitting it is a main aim to objectively define what has occurred and if there is spiritual base to active phenomena such as telekinesis which is movement of objects by spiritual forces or if what is found is subjective or could be reasoned to be anything else and as a collective it is put forward that this last sitting was something of substantial mean in proving spirit responses.