Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle on the 4th March 2014.

I would like to begin this with a little information regarding how we sit when we sit of a physical circle.

A séance of this nature is something that has to allow for sitters to investigate everything, items and objects which are not viewed at the beginning of the circle may not be used as it is significant for all sitters to be able to rule out anything other than spiritual activity.

Physical phenomena is only termed as spirit when there has been something which is defined as an experience of which can not be explained.

This recent circle was specific in the evidence of which was seen near the beginning and at the latter stage by all sitters.  It was believed to be the first part of material form.

The sitters, many who sat with a perspective over the whole room, started the trance with several looking out for anything which could be response to the investigation into spirit activity.

The few minutes at the beginning of the sitting was nothing else but cold.  The moments leading up to the sitters taking their places had been warm room temperature but a notable difference became apparent just after the opening words had been said.

After the cold had been noticed several of the sitters became openly conscious of a white mist substance.  This began at one point of the circle slowly moving up so that it obscured everything.  It was thick and odd in that one could look through it but with difficulty.

The sitters tried to investigate as when this was detected, spirit were asked if this was a form of contact could there be something else made known.  This was said by one of the mediums with several of the members looking at the events to take note of anything occurring.

Validating is significant as it is by asking or further proving evidence that it will be confirmed if it is spirit activity or can be something open to misunderstanding.

As the mist was detected, the sitters went through both an individual look at what the activity could be and by putting their hand into a thicker part felt it to be cool with a dampish like sense.  The sitters asked for all accounts to be made from each point of view and by doing this there was a means in finding what each person experienced.

In a physical circle it has been found by many who have sat that there is reports of an obscure or partially visible particle like material which many spot as or in the early stage of spirit appearance.  This is suggested by mediums spirit use as a means for fully forming features and as a base from which spirits can manipulate the facial or anatomical parts of their being.  As a sitter what we can report is from our view the experience of sight, sense and periods of activity that are noticed from where our point of perspective may be.  The part of the circle where the individuals sit to look into the experiment until the moment of the activity had been without disturbances.  The only time when something similar was noticed was in a transfiguring where one of the sitter’s had the cloudy covering appear on top of them moments before spiritual identifiable visit was made and was validated by one of the mediums as a relative of theirs who had passed years before.  Transfiguring is in its most basic form the difference in physical shape of a person so that as spirit moves to be on top or above their look and persona will be the one that is visible externally.  The mass of activity which became a talking point for everyone that night was damp cold in sense and while some sitters noted it made looking through it like looking through a cloudy lens others reported depicting individual spirit face in it.

The circle was one which was an indication of spirit active in proving a link between attendance of a séance and spirit involvement.  Not only did the spirit aim to respond but the substance that the sitters reported was intriguing.  The mediums and sitters were keen in conversing with spirit due to the extent of the physical action, with the partially sighted spirit individuals coming into sight as part faces and with them looking out on to the sitters and the séance.  A number of those had recognisable links to people the mediums knew.  It is believed the occurrence was seen because the following spirit beings had to come through and by doing so the means from which this was done was picked out by all who sat and then each were able to then after focusing on the misty area find a loved one.  Where the sighting was many spirit were seen to be carrying out a construction with tools and looked to be as constructing something and although this was not known as to why spirit were mentioned by one of the mediums as doing this during the sitting after when some build checks were done on the same place a few days later it was discovered by the people taking the task on that place had some pipes running behind it is thought that this unknown problem was picked up by spirit and shown to the séance as it would become known later on.