Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 28th January 2020.

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A PHYSICAL SEANCE is often defined through the unexplained but visible, auditory or sensed activity, experienced.

At the beginning of the séance, members and medium joined in a closed and checked setting. The room had been laid out with a centrally placed, long table and everybody could sit facing each other. All the specifically chosen and arranged objects, could be viewed at all times, during the physical séance.

The MEDIUM began the séance with a few opening words and then with closed eyes, she started to depict appearances and descriptions of the people in spirit that she could note in the room. The room fell silent and slowly the details became more in-depth and subsequently MESSAGES started to follow. The interesting part of this process, in terms of the investigation, was the way in which conversations flowed from this form of giving messages. If, a sitter or sitters, could acknowledge certain references then they would go on to accept further speech from the spirit to them via the medium. Accordingly, as this process continued, validations increased and seemingly relevant combinations of information about the past and present of the same recipients were verbalised.

ORBS were noted as the investigation was active. The small lights were noted as blue and round. There were several of them but each was only seen for a few seconds in duration, one to two seconds in time. Frequently these Orbs were noted around sitters’ faces and bodies.

The medium latterly referred to a gentleman in spirit and depiction was given as for someone believed to be a Sir Norman Joseph Wisdom, OBE (4 February 1915 – 4 October 2010) an English actor and comedian. In the physical séance, a clown was alluded to and not understood. It was not until after the séance, that more research was done and it was found Charlie Chaplin had referred to Sir Norman Wisdom as his favourite clown. Further research found that Sir Norman Wisdom had been a singer-songwriter, perhaps best known for a series of comedy films produced between 1953 and 1966 featuring his hapless on screen character that was often called Norman Pitkin. He was awarded the 1953 BAFTA Award and this was for a Most Promising Newcomer to Leading Film Roles following the release of Trouble in Store, his first film in a lead role. In the séance, he gave love to everybody and referred to an anniversary. Card playing came up as a like of his and a funny moment had personally come up while he had been engaged in this particular activity. Falling over and saying thank you to the séance, everybody was smiling as the gentleman in spirit referred to the ability to perform comedy as his saviour.

In summary, the physical séance noted a sense of contentment from the messages that had been received, but could not explain how the Orbs had been seen. There was nothing, despite thorough investigation, as to suggest how these lights should have been experienced.