Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 7th January 2019.

Hi and Welcome to the first Blog of 2020!

Happy New Year! This blog charts and depicts the activities which took place at the first physical séance held by our investigatory circle of experienced members and medium.

A PHYSICAL SEANCE is often a closed and collective assembly which gathers of experienced fellows. These members will sit with a usually restrict objective, conditionally met environment in which any unexplained and physical activity is investigated.


There were several incidents which occurred, of which notes and detailed observations were made. Primarily NOISES were experienced in the séance room, which had not been anticipated but did correlate with ongoing reported spirit activity and corresponding speech from several spirits at that same time.

During the physical séance the medium went into a trance and it was from this state that she started to refer to specific individuals in spirit. These were people whom she could depict according to visual reference, identifiable personality traits and evidence which should have been personally relevant between the people who had passed and the recipients of any given subsequent message or information.

The medium was able to specify several individual personally known of identities in spirit, these same individuals gave identifiable pieces of recollections and relevant messages for recipient sitters in the séance, all of which deemed them validated and significantly appropriate to their lives at that precise time.

There was a few minutes whereby descriptions were given as for certain images that the medium could see and then she explained that a gentleman in spirit had come through to talk to the séance. It was at this moment in proceedings that several noises were heard as decisive knocks on both the inner walls and then the ceiling of the closed séance room. It appeared as if someone was going around and tapping on both areas but nobody from the séance had moved from their seats at all during the physical séance. The noises went on for a roughly four minutes period.

Latterly a different gentleman in spirit was talked about and in particular links were made to his sense of comedy, the ability to play a piano and an upcoming anniversary which would be significant for him. It was the medium who gave more in-depth details and then spoke of the gentleman in spirit further to the gathered séance. Information was given relevant to a person thought to be a Harry Corbett OBE(28 January 1918 – 17 August 1989) an English puppeteer, magician and television and stage presenter, who is best known as the creator of the glove puppet character of Sooty, known and dated to 1948. In the séance, the mention of a piano was not understood but post séance, research was done and it was found that the gentleman had wanted to pursue a career as a professional pianist but due to a loss of hearing in one ear, this was not to be the case. As evidence, the references of a significant anniversary and pertinent personal likes and dislikes, were believed to be relevant for the gentleman in spirit.


Evidence of the noises which had been collectively heard and noted during the séance were investigated. Questions were thoroughly investigated as for how the noises could have been heard but despite exploration, there was nothing found as to suggest how the noises were noted from inside an otherwise closed and motionless area. The noises themselves came into consciousness as several spirits and animals in spirit were being spoken of as entering and exiting the same séance room. This was also discussed amongst the séance members as possible meaning and cause as for the noise occurrence.

The séance itself was felt to be poignant and pertinent. It had been emotional for many members who had been recipients of messages. In terms of the investigation it was useful to be able to conduct research into certain references and information which had been given during the physical séance, as this helped to define if it was relevant evidence or not. It was on this basis that much of the activity, experience and observations of the physical séance were investigated and noted.