Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 17th December 2019.

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How did it begin?

Experienced members and medium gathered in a closed but prepared room. The seating had been placed so that everybody could be in full view of each other and the centrally laid table. The table which was long and had on it, objects which could be easily noticed, upon interaction.

The medium opened the physical séance in a closed eyes TRANCE. This semi-conscious state meant that while she spoke, she concentrated on what she could see in spirit within the room. She did not have her eyes closed all the way through this, verbally given, evidence time.

During the trance, the MEDIUM gave several references to individuals in spirit. Specifics included names, key phrases and personal likes or dislikes. Members who later became recipients of messages, validated the information as accurate and relevant for them and their lives.

The MESSAGES were observed as purely validated and difficult to identify personally known of references. If the recipients felt that they understood and could validate the information and with explanation, then this was noted as evidence.

An interesting moment came up in the message giving and this was when NOISES were collectively heard by the séance. Just as one sitter put out a thought to a spirit who had been conversing with her via the medium, what sounded like a confirmation tap came from one side of the room. The thought of course could not be investigated by any other means but the noise was definitively heard and noted.

The medium spoke of a female in spirit. Comedy was explained as important for her and an anniversary was mentioned as relevant. Information came in quickly and strongly about a lady believed to be Dame June Rosemary Whitfield DBE(11 November 1925 – 29 December 2018) an English film, radio and television actress.

In the physical séance the lady spoke about Christmas and loving all the senses that awaken to this particular time. Laughter is useful, she pointed out, as a way of getting close to people you might have only recently met and closer still to those you loved and kept as dear ones in your heart already. Important for children and adults alike, she explained that she felt it was a time for everybody. Her health had improved she declared and she was happy to be able to keep everything in mind and at heart.

In research it was found that her big break was a lead role in the BBC Light Programme radio comedy Take It from Here from 1953. Television roles soon followed, including appearances with Tony Hancock and this was throughout his television career. It was that in 1966, Dame Whitfield played the leading role in the television sitcom Beggar My Neighbour which ran for three series. She has appeared in four Carry On films: Carry On Nurse (1959), Carry On Abroad (1972), Carry On Girls (1973) and Carry On Columbus (1992).

In 1968, Whitfield and Terry Scott, began a long television partnership and this peaked with roles as husband and wife in Happy Ever After (1974–79) and Terry and June (1979–87). It was from 1992, Whitfield played Edina Monsoon’s mother in Jennifer Saunders’ Absolutely Fabulous. She played a regular and widely recognised character in Last of the Summer Wine and a recurring character in The Green Green Grass.

From 1993 to 2001, Whitfield also played Miss Marple in all twelve of Agatha Christie Miss Marple novels on BBC Radio 4.

A SUMMARY of the séance included an investigation into the earlier noise which had been heard by everybody. There had been nothing which could have caused the sound or anybody there at that time but the timing of it did intrigue the sitter who had moments before sent out a questioning thought to the spoken of individual in spirit. Evidence was gathered in the messages that had been received and the relevant validations of them.

May I take this opportunity to wish you, whatever you might be doing, a truly meaningful Christmas time and a most healthy, happy New Year!

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