Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 3rd December 2019.

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PREPARATIONS were made for the physical séance to take place in a CLOSED room and with specifically chosen objects. The seating in the room had been arranged so as everybody could see each other and still be facing the main table which had been laid with the designated objects. The objects were all motionless but upon interaction would then be obvious as for the noise made.

In the first few minutes of the séance, after the experienced members and medium had opened proceedings, MESSAGES started to come through. It was from the medium, who in a closed eyes trance began to refer to particulars of individuals, descriptions were given as for precise appearances and personalities. If the given spoken of information could be accepted by any of the sitters, then they could validate it. On several occasions, members validated the spirits who had ben depicted and subsequently more in-depth messages were given to them. These pieces of information were acknowledged as relevant by the recipients. On querying the exact details, the messages were explained as MEANINGFUL for them because of the memories they contained and the comments entailed about recent events which had only just occurred for them.

SEVERAL spirits were all able to converse to members gathered in the séance, in what appeared to be an extremely convivial atmosphere. These three and sometimes four way conversations involved and included, grandparents and parents all talking with adult children sitters. Despite a lot of information being passed across at no time did the multiple way conversation get confusing. This detail was remarked on by the members.


In a physical séance, it is of course physical activity, that is the main focus of the investigation. Thereby, overt sounds, sightings and claims of physical experiences were all if noted, relevant to the séance. NOISES were heard and this was during a particular exchange between one of the members and a spirit via the medium. In this case, it was as the member had been given a specific update in information that she asked a question about it and although there was no verbal response, a loud knock was heard from one part of the room which was observed and unoccupied.

The MEDIUM talked latterly about a specific gentleman in spirit. Information was collated from a combination of spoken about dialogue and sightings. It is believed that the gentleman is a Sir Noël Peirce Coward (16 December 1899 – 26 March 1973) an English playwright, a director, composer, actor and singer, known for his wit and flamboyance. In the séance he spoke about the importance of finishing what one had started, there was far from a greater pleasure than putting that final punctuation point to a job well done, said the gentleman in spirit. An anniversary was also acknowledged by and about him.


Personal experiences were a part of the particular physical séance. These, in the form of messages and speech, seemed to have a poignant and pertinent meaning for the recipient sitters. Questions were asked about these speech snapshots of important information and explanations ascertained as or why these forms of evidence were felt to be accurate. The noise was another exceptional noted observation, which despite investigation, could not find any cause as for how it had been experienced.