Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 26th November 2019.

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A physical séance does concentrate on the more obviously seen, heard or physical experiences of activity. The actual purpose of the investigation into a physical séance is to look at both, any observed or claimed activity from the proceedings and to subsequently examine the possibility of how and why such evidence has been gathered.

How it began?

Experienced members and medium collated in a pre-prepared and closed room. Preparations for the séance included the seating ensured to be at positions whereby everybody could see each other and the objects that had been laid out for the purpose of the séance.

A long centrally laid out table had been adorned with plenty of interactive objects, which only if directly touched, would then be able to indicate that this type of activity had taken place.

The séance started with an opening and then the medium with closed eyes began to talk about several SIMULTANEOUSLY seen people in spirit. These particular individuals could be detailed in their descriptions, one gave a name and there were many forms of identifiable references from them. The information was given to the séance and if anybody could absolutely accept what had been spoken about in terms of personal links, then they indicated a validation.

After the individuals in spirit had been specified, there were members who could accept the information and could for the purposes of the investigation explain how the references and messages were relevant for them. It was insightful to note that multiple individuals in spirit all spoke to different members within the séance but each had their own very unique memories and meanings of which to remind or talk about.

MESSAGES continued to come and were given to the physical séance, and it was as one of the sitters actually asked aloud if the spirit she had been conversing with via the medium had heard her, that KNOCKS were definitively heard on the inner walls of the room.

The medium subsequently spoke of a female in spirit, someone who according to the information gathered is believed to be Louisa May Alcott (November 29, 1832 – March 6, 1888) an American novelist, short story writer and poet best known as the author of the novel Little Women (1868) and both the sequels Little Men (1871) and Jo’s Boys (1886). She was raised in New England by her transcendentalist parents, Abigail May and Amos Bronson Alcott, and she grew up among many of the well known intellectuals of the day. Teaching, motivation and looking to the future were all very important attributes and focuses for the lady in spirit’s writing. Feeling as if her vocation gave her a voice, it was through writing that nationally, she spoke about being able to touch the minds and aspirational goals of so many individuals. Proud and thankful for her opportunity, the lady referred to her enthusiasm for planning out objectives and then sailing above and beyond any needed criteria. It was everybody’s job, she exclaimed, to plan a purpose and be mindful of those around them who also needed help and encouragement.


The séance were somewhat specific in their collective aim and desire to investigate the sounds that had been heard earlier on. Despite the extremely meaningful and seemingly appropriate timing to the question during the séance, the sounds had no physical explanation as for having been caused from anything else in the room. The messages did resonate as evidence for several of the members, who were able to substantiate why this was so and how the depictions of individuals in spirit had a distinct meaning for them.