Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 19th November 2019.

Hi and Welcome to the latest Blog!

This blog is based on the findings, experiences and summary of events from a most recent investigation into a physical séance.


At the beginning of the proceedings, everybody including experienced members and medium, collated in a prepared room. The centrally laid table could be seen by everybody and the seating had been arranged so as all members were in full view of each other.

Once everybody was in attendance, the séance was opened. The medium in close eyed trance began to talk about particular individuals in spirit. References and detailed information was given about them to the séance. If anybody could take, as in accept, the information then they spoke up and further more in-depth messages were given to them. This process occurred several times during the séance and on each occasion the relevant sitters could validate what had been involved in a verbal exchange.

CONVERSATIONS were experienced between individuals in spirit and sitters via the medium. This moments included what were said to be, poignant and even FUNNY, personally acknowledged statements about memories and ongoing events.

Interestingly, it was as the verbal experiences were in process that certain SCENTS became evident. The scents of perfume and particular baking smells came into the séance quite quickly and unexpectedly. The aromas could be explained as pertinent to the members who had only recently received a message, they were able to define and reason as for why that particular smell had a meaning for them. It was strange that when they verbally explained what and why the smell was notable, that it then dissipated entirely from the room.

The MEDIUM continued to provide MESSAGES that were collectively listened to by the séance. Personally, if accepted as relevant, the messages could then become a basis from which members and individuals in spirit engaged in a dialogue.

Evidence was given by the medium as for someone thought to be a Shirley Rosemary Stelfox (11 April 1941 – 7 December 2015) an English actress, perhaps widely known for her portrayal of the character Edna Birch, moralising and noted in a Yorkshire village in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, and as Rose, who was the sister of the incredibly snobby and overbearing Hyacinth Bucket in the first season of the comedy series known as Keeping Up Appearances. In the séance the female in spirit gave a greeting and talked about the appreciation of what couples meant to each other. Having a pairing in any sort of arena, she spoke about, as being useful and reassuring. A love for flowers and an understanding of family was spoken of by her.

The séance is held in a closed area and there would have been no explanation as for how the scents noted during the séance, were experienced. Despite the lack of a possibility, the room was investigated but nothing from either the outside or the inside or the séance area could provide any explanation as for what had been observed.