Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 12th November 2019.

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A physical séance is mainly focused on the visual, audible or apparent experiences that can be observed, identified and noted. Investigations in such a field are often based on the experiences or claims of what could later be classed as evidence. That is why it is important for the place where the physical séance is held, to be prepared and ready for the easiest and most apparent, investigation of any observations that might have occurred.

In an area that had been specially put aside for that time period a long centrally located table was laden with specific objects, which would if interacted with, would make a noise. The room itself was closed to anything influencing any activity from the outside and closed to anybody else coming in or going out during the timing of the séance.


Experienced members and medium gathered in the séance room. Everybody collated and sat fully facing each other.

The medium opened the séance and from a closed eyes stance began to give information and detailed references as in speech form directly from individuals in spirit. The MESSAGES could be addressed to sitters, who then listened, and could refute of validate what was being said to them. Verbal information was accepted, verified as valid and apt for several of the sitters in the séance.

SOUNDS were heard during this time and as messages were noted, loud taps and knocks were experienced on the inner walls of the séance room. The sounds came from opposing walls and different points of height.

The medium referenced a gentleman in spirit, happy and almost eager in his approach to talk about the fact that he had something to say as relevant to this particular séance and latterly the blog. He was primarily an actor and comedian and his name was Terry Scott, believed to be Owen John “Terry” Scott (4 May 1927 – 26 July 1994). This gentleman, was at first thought to be the main spirit speaker to the séance because of a significant anniversary for himself that he was eager to make known. It was not until a little while later in the proceedings that it became evident that he was there to talk about a loved friend and an anniversary he would like highlighted for that of a Dame June Rosemary Whitfield DBE (11 November 1925 – 29 December 2018) an English radio, television and film actress. Both the aforementioned gentleman and a Richard Briers, thought to be Richard David Briers CBE (14 January 1934 – 17 February 2013) an English actor, spoke about the lady in spirit. Terry Scott was the one to present Dame June Whitfield with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It became later understood that both individuals had appeared in a sitcom together and Dame June Whitfield and Richard Briers had been main stars in a well known theatre role performance.

It was that Dame June Rosemary Whitfield DBE had a big break in her life which was a lead in the BBC Light Programme radio comedy Take It from Here from 1953. Television roles soon followed, including appearances with Tony Hancock throughout his television career. It is thought that the two gentleman in spirit had initiated a happy anniversary appearance for this lady in the séance.

ORBS have been noted as a part of the physical séance before, and on several occasions they have been seen to occur, but there have been differences in how they have been claimed as a sighting. On this occasion and in this séance the lights were blue, each noted for a few seconds in time and seen in multiple instances straight after a spirit speech had been given or a statement about someone in spirit had been made.

A SUMMARY of events and experiences led to the research of the figures spoken of in the later half of the séance. Information gained about these identifiable individuals has been included within the write-up for the séance. Neither the Orbs nor the sounds could be explained as for cause from inside or outside of the séance room, though the area was kept closed during proceedings, and this did help to limit external influence possibilities. The timing of both sets of occurrences did however lead members to think on the significance of the timing, and how the meaning of several spirit messages seemed to be verified by the instances of the physical sightings and sounds.