Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 8th October 2019.

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A physical séance is in itself a setting which does require a level of satisfied objectivity. An investigation into such proceedings is a good way of ensuring and re-visiting checks and preparation which have been done prior or during the time frame of the physical séance.


At the beginning of the séance, experienced members and physical medium sat in full view of all the particularly laid out objects. Individuals were all facing each other and collated in an area which had been checked before the physical séance met.

The medium in trance started to talk about what she could see, feel and gave references that she could depict as spoken of personal links. These pieces of information were listened to and if resonated with any of the sitters accepted before more detailed messages were then given to the same recipient, or in certain cases, recipients.

SMELLS were collectively noted by members in the séance. These smells were noticed during the references and messages that came in from spirits to members via the medium.

MEMORIES were spoken of and talked about by the individuals in spirit, who could then put these personal references to sitters. These were spoken of detailed references which included phrases and links, later verified as correct by the recipients.

These VALIDATED MESSAGES were forms of evidence which could be taken from the speech content accepted, acknowledged as relevant for a reason and proven to be detailed information that meant something for the recipient or recipients.

The medium talked about a lady, there were literary links and associations to acting. The emphasis was on someone thought to be Jacqueline Jill Collins OBE (4 October 1937 – 19 September 2015) an English romance novelist. In the séance, the month of May and September were both specified by the lady as important and memorable anniversaries. The number twelve was specifically mentioned. At an age of seventeen, she spoke of developing an interest in poetry. As the séance progressed family was talked about by her and a recent cuddle that she had given to a member of her said family, the scent of which she believed had been experienced by them. Horses and a fascination with them as an animal came in strongly as an affiliation. After the séance in research that was carried out, it was found that Jacqueline Collins moved to Los Angeles in the 1960s and spent most of her career there, she wrote 32 novels, all of these have appeared on The New York Times bestsellers list. Her books have sold over 500 million copies, they have been translated into 40 languages and eight of her novels have been adapted for the screen. These adaptations have been featured either as films or television miniseries.

SUMMARY of the physical séance focused efforts on the smells that were collectively noted. An investigation into these scents was made and neither from inside nor outside of the room could a physical explanation be found as for how they had been noted. The why was discussed and as the timing of this activity had been noticed when speech was ongoing, this was looked into further. One particular lady, a relative of séance members had been in discussion and the scent was known to have been important for her. It was felt by the members that this was relevant information for the purposes of the investigation.