Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 24th September 2019.

Hi and Welcome to the latest blog of a physical séance!

It is imperative to have consistent objectivity throughout the preparation, duration and write-up of any physical séance. This same level of attention is given to the formation of noting experiences and observations from the attending members. Discussions are had and research made into the what, how and the possibility of why it has been noted. It is for this reason that every care is taken to ensure that the room has been prepared fully, objects selected are visible and everybody who attends can sit in a checked environment.

As the séance was opened the members watched the medium in trance and the first notable activity HAPPENED to occur.

Interesting MESSAGES started to come through into the room where the séance was held almost straight away. These vocalised references which were followed with more in-depth messages came into the room from individuals in spirit and via the medium. If, recipients of a link could accept information then they would make the claim and simply listen as the it has to be said subsequent, personal and specific message followed. Several sitters could accept references and then validated why the meaning of what had been expressed was so pertinent for them.

ORBS were noticed in the room. As the séance was in progress, several members observed the blue round lights that lasted for a few seconds each. The Orbs were not explained, despite thorough investigation, as for cause by anything inside or outside the room.

The MEDIUM spoke about several different energies of people in spirit. This was at a time when a particularly light and happy atmosphere had been claimed as felt by everyone. The following messages that came through addressed jovial topics and spoke specifically to the particular gathered members on an individual basis.

It was a little later that a movement was first noted by a feeling and then upon looking, someone was seen to move in a part of the room where nobody should have been present. In those few minutes of observing the movement, it appeared as if facial FEATURES of a person could be partially seen in an outline of light. The experience was quick but what followed did seem to the assembled members as highly relevant. The medium spoke of a female in spirit, the same of whom the movement had been seen. She was a grandma, mother and mother-in-law, to three of the sitters, and they could validate her spoken of references to appearance and personality. They then listened as a particular mention was made to a dream and one of the sitters, the daughter of the lady in spirit, notably explained why this was important. She had only had the dream of her on the morning of the sitting for the physical séance. The mention of it was very personal indeed and did in message content relate to the movement and message that had been given.

The medium then spoke of a film star, an actor and information was linked to a person called Yul Brynner (born Yuliy Borisovich Briner, July 11, 1920 – October 10, 1985) a Russian-born American film and stage actor. In the séance, it was as his name was mentioned that a bright round circle of blue light was seen to then turn into a streak of light in the same colour. As opposed to the earlier, previously seen and noted Orbs, this one both lasted longer and was seen to move out of the round disk shape of a circle blue light. The gentleman in spirit spoke of ambition, relishing the sense and proving that achievements could defy and sustain belief. Do everything, he exclaimed, you can be as fulfilled as you allow yourself to be and you should never let your circumstances dictate your mental attitude.

It was a very full and frank séance, which saw several moments of physical activity. The different Orbs and movement of someone from whom only the facial features could be partially seen, these were notable occurrences and investigated accordingly. Physically nobody had moved, entered or left the séance while it had been in progress. This was helpful as it limited and focused on what could have caused those kinds of observations from inside the room. While no cause could be found for either the movement or the Orbs, the message which followed on from one of the experiences did seem to proffer an explanation. As it was extremely personally validated, this was deemed as relevant to the experiences of evidence in the physical séance and the purpose of this investigation.