Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 3rd September 2019.

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This write-up is focused on the collated notes and research of the most recent investigation into a physical séance. Every séance is different, but each has to be prepared for and observed in a specific line to meet a standard of objectivity.

In a room which had been specifically prepared and laid out with carefully chosen objects, experienced members and a physical medium gathered and sat in full view of each other and the centrally laid out table. Although individuals were not sat around the table, they were able to fully observe it and everything which had been placed on top of it.

A NOISE and a blue Orb were seen almost simultaneously. As the séance was opened, the medium with closed eyes began to pass on individual descriptions of personal significance regarding people in spirit with subsequent accompanying messages. It was as these were being spoken of and a reference made to one sitter that both a creaking sound and blue Orb, unexplained light, were heard and seen. In particular, a mention of a spirit who had been speaking to the sitter and had been acknowledged as known to them, was being made as the noise was noted from a part of the room that was not being seen to have been used and the Orb was seen across the member who had received the information from spirit.

The MEDIUM spoke of a gentleman Harry in spirit and depiction was given of a particular person believed to be a Sir Harry Donald Secombe CBE (8 September 1921 – 11 April 2001) a Welsh comedian, singer and actor. Secombe was a member of the British radio comedy programme The Goon Show (1951–60), playing many characters, but most notably, Neddie Seagoon. An accomplished tenor, he also appeared in musicals and films – notably as Mr Bumble in Oliver!(1968) – and, in research it indicates that in his later years, was a presenter of television shows incorporating hymns and other devotional songs. In the séance, the gentleman spoke of family, an anniversary and a happy event that was occurring for his loved ones on this side of life. Keeping everybody together and watching over them were both pastimes that he engaged in and was heartily doing.

A SUMMARY of the events which were experienced in the séance led to certain notes being focused on for further investigation. Despite the sentimental nature in timing of the noise and Orbs as explanation of the event, there was nothing physical as to define how these occurrences had been witnessed. It was felt, collectively, by the séance that there had been a lot of relevant and important information on an individual basis. The messages had certainly held a very happy, conversational and jokey appeal but even so, there had been significant validations from sitters, of in-depth and personally known of references that were claimed to be pertinent as evidence gained from the physical séance.