Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 13th August 2019.

Hi and Welcome to the latest investigation into a physical séance!

Experienced members and physical medium joined, in a prepared room, for a closed séance.


In a room set out with a long, central table and pre-chosen objects atop it, members and medium all sat facing each other. The objects had been selected according to how noticeable they would be upon interaction. This was an important feature for the séance as observations could be made by the collated group about anything that was noted as possible physical activity while the investigation was in progress.

After the opening of the physical séance, messages and information were passed from spirits via the medium to the group. If references could be accepted and then further validated that person would become the recipient of a more detailed message. In certain demonstrations of messages, short introductions and conversations were engaged in but there were also more lengthy, in-detail speeches from individual spirits which entailed a deeper and personally referenced message for the recipients in the séance.

Animals and younger spirits were referred to and there were specific images relevant to hobbies and passions from spirits which could be validated as accurate and recognisable by recipient sitters who had known them in life.


There were two occasions in which particular NOISE activity reports were made. On one first experience of the noise, a light tapping was heard during the messages at the beginning of the séance. This noise was heard to have come from objects on top of the long table and while they did not last long, it was physical activity that came into a conscious recognition of it, as spirits were in conversation with the séance at that time. The second experience came into recognition as one particular person in spirit was being referred to and at that point sounds started to be heard from a far off and distant, unoccupied part of the séance room. Both the incidents of noise were intriguing for the séance and they were commented on.

A partial finger was seen during the physical séance and this was observed right behind the back of one of the sitters, who at the time, had been seated on her chair. The member themselves did not claim any experience, as in a feeling, of the sighting. It had in timing once again been noted as a spirit had been speaking to her directly, giving her a spoken message.

The medium latterly spoke of an actor in spirit and two gentleman, one of which was specified as a Vincent Price, who were keen to bring in a particular man in spirit. It is believed that because of the information, references and message given, that the spirit of the male was of a Peter Wilton Cushing, OBE (26 May 1913 – 11 August 1994) an English actor best known for his roles in the Hammer Productions horror films of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, this is as well as his performance as Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars (1977). In the séance the gentleman spoke of the important subjects to him, of marriage and a rose. In the séance he was seen to have smelt the rose and held it as a token which he kept close to his heart. Spanning over six decades, his acting career included appearances in more than 100 films, as well as many stage, radio and television roles. Born in Kenley, Surrey, Cushing made his stage debut in 1935 and spent three years at a repertory theatre before moving to Hollywood. After the séance, research was made about the gentleman in spirit in which to provide further information, dates and it was found that there was an anniversary of a passing for him only days prior to that of when the physical séance had sat.


The experiences of spirit messages and audible expressions of personal phrases could be signified as validated by recipients of those references and links. Only if definitive acknowledgement of a validation could be given, were these observations noted down as evidence. The noises were far more physically investigated in terms of understanding what was inside and outside of the séance room at the time. There was nothing to explain how, even potentially, the noises could have been heard at those precise moments. It was collectively felt and claimed that the séance had been a fully active and engaging experience.