Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 6th August 2019.

Hi and Welcome to the blog, this write-up focuses on the events and observations of a most recent physical séance!


It was to a prepared and closed room, that experienced members and medium collated, sat and began the séance. The investigation ensured that everything had been laid out as per decided at the start of proceedings. A long central table was home to several of the designated objects, which had been chosen according to how interactive and easy to note they would be during the investigation.

Members and medium all sat in positions facing each other and where they would be able to be in full view of the room and definitively placed objects.

At the start of the séance, the medium went into a trance, from which spoken information pertained references to individuals in spirit. Younger in age spirits were referred to and one particular link was to that of a grandfather in spirit. The gentleman, who because of personal information and details given could be validated by several of the sitters, spoke to the séance. While he was speaking, several physical incidents took place.

BLUE ORBS were seen in the séance room. These small and round lights, could not be explained by anything having caused them from either inside or outside of the room, but they were visible for a few seconds each and as they moved to the sides of the assembled sitters. It was as one of the spirit speakers, the grandfather was talking to sitters, that one of these lights was noted to last a little longer in duration.

There were significant NOISES that occurred during the séance itself. One of these unexplained sounds came from a part of the room where nobody was sat. In timing the noise was heard directly after one of the blue Orbs had been seen.

The medium then referred to a male in spirit Walter William Bygraves OBE (16 October 1922 – 31 August 2012), perhaps best known by the stage name Max Bygraves, an English comedian, an actor, singer and variety performer. He appeared on his own television shows, sometimes performing comedy sketches between his songs. In the séance he referred to an ambition for films since boyhood and in his adolescence, this idea really for him took hold. He spoke about having a better understanding of what makes his passions what they are and how important it is for children to be taken to see the shows or traditional features of the entertainment world. He talked about a green velvet suit and laughed about this, his ideas on fashion were spoken of, with a nod to what was thought appropriate in the early days. He made twenty Royal Variety Performance appearances and presented numerous programmes, including Family Fortunes.

A SUMMARY of the events, observations and notes gathered during the investigation into the physical séance could then be later combined with research made into specific names. The séance felt that the messages given from spirits via the medium were contributory to poignant and heartfelt revelations. Personal though these forms of evidence were, it was useful to be able to query and provide validations for them. Information gleaned during the physical séance can only be taken as substantial evidence, if thoroughly validated. The physical activity of a noise, this did not occur on any of the set out objects but did take place swiftly after an Orb had been seen. The noting of both these physical activity incidents did cause an investigation into how they could have been observed. Although no explanation as for physical cause could be found from anything within the vicinity, the timing did correlate with that of a spoken of message, which had been given by a grandfather in spirit and this had been only moments earlier. The timing of this particular piece of evidence was thought to be significant for the séance.