Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 30th July 2019.

Hi and Welcome to the most recent investigation into a physical séance!


A physical séance is a closed and often prepared arena in which overtly noticeable spiritual activity such as audible, sensory or visible, are looked out for and if seen investigated.


In a specific room where objects had been chosen and laid out along a central table, experienced members and medium attended. Everybody sat in full visibility of each other and could see the rest of the room. It was a closed setting and in the interest of objectivity, everybody had become familiarised with all of the carefully selected objects which had been put out along the length of the table.

The séance began with an opening and the medium in trance. Information started to come through within the first few minutes of sitting. Greetings, causal conversations and personal memories stated to become audible from different spirits via the medium. Interestingly, the evidence could only be stated as such, if there were validations of the message content. Several sitters received verbal acknowledgement and longer conversational tone messages to which they were able to validate quite specific details.

NOISES were heard during the spirit messages. It was as one gentleman in spirit was speaking to family members in the séance that he referred to a particular object of which there was one on the table. It was a few seconds later that a tap was heard on that same object.


BLUE ORBS were seen in the séance room. Orbs are often small and round objects which are noted to float in the air. While usually caught on camera, they can also be seen by the naked eye. The Orbs are not known to have had any specific, physically known of cause from inside or outside of the area where they were seen.

In the séance, several Blue Orbs, were noted in the room. These round and blue lights were seen against the walls and separately near to members, floating in mid-air. The Orbs were sighted at different times during the séance but on each occasion accompanied either a verbal and audible message from spirits to a sitter recipient or after a statement had been made about spirit information and the Orb seemed then a verification of that particular evidence.

PACE of SPEECH fluctuated and got faster or slower as the medium was speaking. As different spirits spoke via the medium, the pace and phrasing of the speech altered. There were times when such a lot of message content came through all at once.

MEDIUM given messages continued through the séance. There was a female in spirit depicted and thought to be Vivien Leigh (born Vivian Mary Hartley and styled as Lady Olivier after 1947; 5 November 1913 – 8 July 1967) a British stage and film actress. This is believed to be the lady in spirit because of informational references. A gentleman spirit first introduced her, a man whose appearance with facial hair and details, linked to that of a Clark Gable. The lady in spirit spoke to the séance about a notable anniversary and a ruby was seen. Comedy was discussed by her as a little known but loved attribute. In research done after the séance it was found that she had won two Academy Awards for Best Actress, for her definitive performances as Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind (1939) and Blanche DuBois in the film version of A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), a role she had also played on stage in London’s West End in 1949. She also won a Tony Award for her work in the Broadway musical version of Tovarich (1963).

SUMMARY of events highlighted the séance’s experiences of unexplained noises and Orbs. Collectively and objectively experienced, both of these unexplained activity did occur at meaningful junctures in terms of informational messages being given but could not be explained by any physical or room based causes.