Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 2nd July 2019.

Welcome to the most recent blog of a physical séance! In this write-up you will find notes of occurrences, experiences and research made into certain references received during the investigation.

A physical séance is particularly focused on any overt and unexplained activity that might be seen, heard of felt. In attendance were the experienced members and a physical medium. The room had been prepared with central, long table and placed upon it were specific objects known to be easily observed if interacted with and seats for members which would allow for full visibility of everybody and everything within the designated séance.

During the first few minutes of the séance the medium, in trance and with closed eyes, passed on visual information about several younger spirits seen within the room. Conversations could be had between members and spirits via the medium though no questions were asked from the physical medium themselves, only information was given from them to the assembled sitters. Emphasis was given to particular parts of messages and specific individuals could then listen to references for them from certain spirits. These links could be validated by them as relevant and specifically meant for their individual lives.

The medium talked of a gentleman in spirit and information was given as for someone thought to be a George Best (22 May 1946 – 25 November 2005) a Northern Irish professional footballer who played as a winger and spending most of his career at Manchester United. He is universally regarded as one of the greatest players in history. In the séance a birthday anniversary was noted by him for someone he has emotive feelings for and a bunch of beautifully vivid, bright coloured flowers was given by him for the occasion. A sorry was explained as important to say for something specific and subsequently many tears shed before realisations were made. Health was and is very important, he spoke about a particular improvement in this area. Leaving with laughter, the gentleman in spirit felt extremely young and vitality was within his grasp. In research it has been noted after the séance that he was a highly skilful winger and several pundits have thought him to be one of the greatest dribblers of the sport, Best received plaudits for his playing style. He has been acclaimed for his combined skill, pace, balance, feints, his two-footedness, goal scoring but also for his ability to get past defender.

The séance was able to depict a faint trace of male aftershave as a scent noted within the room for only a few minutes. This scent should not have been in the room as a result of any of the male sitters having worn it or as an object based smell. No sign of the same scent was depicted at any other time during the investigation.

It was of interest to the séance that specific and what were claimed to be meaningful messages were gained by members. Contained within these messages were particular attributes, personality references and phraseology significant to that of the spirit speakers. Associated links to life events and relevant information for recipients was accepted, acknowledged by them and validated as important individually.