Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on the 11th February 2014.

Physical séance will in essence act as an occasion where mediums will invite physical activity to manifest and this can be in the form of sounds, objects being manipulated to move, to appear somehow altered and there be significant evidence of spirit.

The physical sitting is by far the one which attracts the most participants as the nature of this form of demonstration is to allow for all to visually reference energies.

This form of spiritual sitting is one which has the means to prove spirit presence to all sitters and this can be via the materialisations of appearance where energies will come to a point where their feature will be visible or by manipulation of objects.

The manipulation of objects is an individual action made by spirit to show their participation in a circle and it will be this which parapsychologists will reference and investigate.  Spirit may do something without notice or by response to a query.

In our circle, the one last sat there was a number of physical actions and this form of query into what spirit is able to do whilst sitters participate in this form is the base for this written summation.

At the opening of our physical circle the main sitter opens the circle to spirit and the energies are then able to communicate through a number of means.

The mediums who are able to channel can allow spirit to speak through them.  This is a semi conscious level where mediums will first say who they can visually detect and then after a while then let the spirit speak directly using his or her own spiritual accent.

Often a dialect or vocab particular to the spirit will emit from the medium and sometimes the vast differing inclination in speech can be significant.

When noting this form of spirit linking through a medium, this is named physical, as not only is the medium audibly acting as a tool from which spirit speaks but also they can use a process labelled transfigure to let the same spirit show their appearance at the one time.

This process of a transfigure is useful because it not only acts as spirit’s means to give a reference of their appearance, it also is a validation of their dialogue and can visually include all sitters in conveying an image of if they were male or female.

Referencing their age, this physical act is informing as just by hearing spirit talk it is sometimes not enough to be able to tell if they were male or female or how old in years.

Spirit can build on an image so that through a physical evening their features will become more and more easily viewed by all and it is by this that many mediums can then get a more identifiable sense of who is visiting that circle.

In every physical session the aim is normally to have a set of evidence which can then be taken as sure signs of spirit in action.  In the last physical sitting it seems as if spirit themselves were intent to take part in setting out these end results.

It has to be that those evidence of spirit when spirit are asked for something and then it is done are the most accurately conveyed by spirit because they show cognitive purpose and decision for activity.

As mediums it is important for spirit to be given the setting in which they can give a sense of what they can do to refer to who they were, as whilst we have our own ways of knowing and contacting those individuals it is also vital for them to provide their own contact.

Contact from spirit is constructed by them in a séance via the ability to give their own personal act in a viewable means.  The presence is not enough they will be asked for their effort to make a noise, to set off lights, turn off and on lights or to move something.

This recent sitting was one where spirit were able and seemed from the beginning of the session to want to make it known that they were there to take a part in what was happening.  After several sitting mediums became alert to energies, the same spirit energies were then visibly noticed by all who sat and as the energies became stronger one of the pictures on the wall not only moved but was previous to this a point one of the spirits were focused on and after it shook the temperature dropped.  The mediums then wanted to move further with the activity and it was put to spirit that if this picture was something they had used to be an example of their being there could they then use something else in the room to make themselves known.  It was not too long later that one of the mediums felt something move across her arm and following the spiritual meet the items were checked with both the picture now side ways on the wall and a plant from a holder on the shelf completely dis lodged from its place and strewn on the side.  The items were looked into and all mediums could agree that these things were in varied places than when they sat and more than could be explained was that both were linked in that the picture which had hung on the wall had been a painting on the same plant which had been knocked from its container.  The action of both being manipulated was evidence and the timing of it becoming apparent after it had been put to spirit was also breath taking.