Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 18th June 2019.

Hi and Welcome to the latest blog of a physical séance! This is an investigation based blog, which features experiences, observations and notes from the actual physical séance.

The séance began in a closed and checked room. Certain objects had been pre-chosen as for how easily notable they would or could be upon interaction. Everybody sat in full view of each other and everything in the room was visible.

Extremely audible were the loud cracks and taps which were heard on the central table in the séance. This table was the main area upon which all the objects had been laid out. None of the objects should have made any noise unless touched and there had been no interaction with the table at the time that the noises had been heard.

The medium referred to several spirits and with closed eyes was able to depict appearances, personality traits and key nicknames. After the descriptions, it was then that the medium opened her eyes and began to converse with direct messages from spirits to sitters.

A specific female in spirit was mentioned as having an association to a Sammy Davis Jr and it is believed that from the stipulated references, the lady in spirit is a Helen O’Connell (May 23, 1920 – September 9, 1993) an American singer, an actress, and hostess. In the séance, the lady was able to talk about matching the pace of life with small or longed for ambitions, even a combination of the two was applicable because if you were busy then you should try to make the most of it. Marking the anniversaries of those close to her, she gave her thanks and blew a kiss to the assembled séance.

The séance had a good sense of participation, observations of the audible activity had been collectively based and, any speech from spirit or on several occasions spirits, could be noted by everybody.

It had been a point of importance for the séance to refer to the messages that had been directly given to recipients within the investigation. The information was checked and could be definitively validated by them. This was useful as it could then be classed as evidence as experienced from the séance.