Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 28th May 2019.

A physical séance is an arena in which overtly obvious activity is looked out for and can be noted accordingly. This type of unexplained activity can be found in evidence such as for physical occurrences, claimed evidence of audible, visual or sensory experiences.

If a physical and overt experience has been noted during the séance then questions will be asked as for how or why the activity could or should have been experienced. If all plausible, possible and probable explanations as for a known physical cause for them has been ruled out then it can be noted as an unexplained activity.

The séance began with medium and members having assembled in the checked and prepared room. Objects had been laid out, and specifically chosen as for ease of notice if interacted with, and everybody sat in full view of each other.

The first part of the séance was focused on personal links, references and more in-depth messages being passed across from individual spirits to particular sitters and this was via the medium. Information had to be validated before it could be categorised as evidence. It was during this time that several, floating blue Orbs or unexplained lights were noted in the séance room.

The medium then talked of a female in spirit and specifics were given as for someone who is thought to be Hilda Elsie Marguerite Patten,CBE (née Brown; 4 November 1915 – 4 June 2015), an English home economist, broadcaster and food writer. In the séance both name and a female in spirit appearance was sighted and described in appearance. Happy and relaxed in her demeanour, the lady in spirit spoke about championing her loves in life and that being able to provide logical and referenced information was a real leap forward that she had made in the cookery world during her working days.

The séance was able to note spirit messages and individual speech, Orbs were noticed and investigated. Despite being able to have seen the lights prior and coinciding with several spirits’ depictions in the actual séance, there had been nothing object or physical based which was found to explain how the Orbs had appeared. It was a full séance that noted activity, speech and investigation into possible causes as for what was seen.