Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 21st May 2019.

An investigation allows for a more in-depth analysis of occurrences, claims of experiences and questions into the possible explanations as for why or how certain unexplained activities might have been noted. In this physical séance an investigation took place from the start to the finish of the process. This ensured that from the pre-organisation point of the physical séance, everything could be as objective as was deemed possible, in that of the choosing, placing and setting of the objects and the room itself.

Everybody, and this included experienced members who had attended a physical séance before, and medium sat in full view of each other and the objects which had been laid out on a long, central table. At the beginning of the physical séance the medium went into a closed eyes trance. As the investigation was ongoing, notes could be made on what was observed. The medium, after only a few seconds, began to relay information about spirits she could see. These references were closely followed up by individuals in spirit who could and did converse with specific attendees in the séance.

A conversational tone was assumed whereby spirits and members conversed and details were gathered. Information could be depicted by spirits and these incidents were validated by the sitters who were recipients of the particular pieces of life-based references. Links were made as for events that had taken place and specifics given that could once again warrant validation from the recipients. It was as one of these conversations was in place that a noise could be heard from a little way off where everybody was seated. It sounded like an object being put down upon a table top or surface but it was not possible to be more exact than this about the precise noise.

The medium spoke about a male in spirit, the gentleman is believed to be a Henry Jaynes Fonda (May 16, 1905 – August 12, 1982) an American film and stage actor with a career spanning five decades. Fonda made his mark early as a Broadway actor. He also appeared in 1938 in plays performed in White Plains, New York and that was with Joan Tompkins. In 1935, he made his Hollywood debut and his career gained momentum after his Academy Award-nominated performance as Tom Joad in The Grapes of Wrath, a 1940 adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel about an Oklahoma family who moved west during the Dust Bowl. In the séance he was keen to dispense with any unnecessary formalities or fuss. Getting to the point, he exclaimed, was easy but it was the going round the houses that could really get him. Loving soulful music and tripping down memory lane, he spoke on his beautiful and flower-filled environment. His love for family had him looking back at the photograph albums and he was reported to have smiled as he stated that last part of the message.

Notes were made and then the medium talked about another actor and male in spirit. She spoke specifically about a Laurence Kerr Olivier, Baron Olivier, OM (22 May 1907 – 11 July 1989) an English actor and director who, along with his contemporaries Peggy Ashcroft, Ralph Richardson and John Gielgud dominated the British stage of the mid-20th century. He also worked in films throughout his career, playing more than fifty cinema roles. Late in his career, he had considerable success in television roles but in the séance he spoke keenly about significant moments and how they should be looked back on to inspire further and specifically greater success. Pride in his achievements was felt but theatres he exclaimed could be as enticing a place as you made them out to be, it is your own effort that should be your rewards. Congestion and this in the lungs he said had now alleviated.

After the séance, research was made into both latter publicly known gentleman and it was discovered that both had only very recently had birthday anniversaries. There was a mix of speech, unexplained activity in that of the noise that was collectively heard and individually relevant spirit-given messages. The noise was something that could be verified as being heard by everyone but nothing had been visible to have caused the noise. The area from which the sound had been depicted was not one which had been laid out with any object that should have caused the noise heard or had it been an environment in which anybody was stood or sitting. The noise had been heard as spirits had been in conversation with several of the sitters and this was noted as potential timing relevance as for why the sound had been heard collectively. The messages were felt to be displayed evidence due to the accuracy of the meaning and information references that were contained within them.