Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on the 4th February 2014.

Two hours is the period we set for our physical circle and within those minutes there is a number of means by which we as sitters note the experiences, occurrences and incidents that take place during that sitting.

A séance of a physical nature will be an evening of a type whereby it is not enough to only sense, sight or hear spiritual presence or unexplained activity there will be a need to objectively prove what has been experienced and this might be via any physical means of photographic or recordable but will be evidence which can be investigated into.

Spirit gatherings like that of a physical séance have because of this need to substantially prove what has been detected, been a cause for many to want to investigate further, historically there is evidence to support that this field of parapsychology is the one which has more than anything else brought the parapsychologist to the circle setting.

A physical circle and the basic prep for sitting in such an investigation is interesting and has shown to cause the most public interest, the definable element is tangible in so much as theories can be either objectively upheld or rejected.

In our physical circle we write down everything which can be classed as name information.  This can then after a sitting be researched and correlated with any dates or facts signified as relevant to the entity who was picked up in an investigation.

Photographs will be taken following a sitting if markings, objects have moved, or something has been visually noted.  Everything is looked and checked as the members sit and so at the end it is easy for things to be verified.

If sounds come about in a séance, this is the area, where members are asked to verify what was heard and questions will be asked to find out where the activity was heard and by who.

It is important to find patterns, such as if a spiritual person is picked up, how many of the sitters it became apparent to and when this was noticed.

Objects are an important base for our sitting because we often will have physical noted through the lifting, movement or placement of objects.

Young energies for example do like to move the smaller pieces of paper used for notes.

Whilst sitters start to put down information, it might begin to lift up from its place or even sometimes crumple up.

Another useful means adopted in a sitting will be if something happens in the circle then spirit will be asked then and there if this same activity could be re done only on another member of the séance so independently the same action may be verified.

This is a physical form of supporting what has been felt.  Sitters have the opportunity to talk to loved ones who have passed and without giving any link to it will then also be able to talk with those spirit who come into a physical circle in trance.

Trance is a process which will allow time for those sitters to ask things of spirit and then gain answers from entities of either loved ones or spiritual presence.

The former action is independently put to objective validation as the sitters will usually not just listen to the speech made from a spirit, there will be a material visual of the same spirit which will come into the circle by appearance.

The physical once more is an intriguing period as those members can contact spirit but also query how they are able to show their physical look and hold and feel the same spiritual presence.

In our latest séance we were given the time to talk to spiritual entities, we then all noted a flickering in the lights put in the room so that as the energies talked so the lights would become on and off in and at the same moment spirit conversed.  Footsteps were also apparent but in places where no people were seen.  Cool breezes effected many of those who sat and particularly in specific points of the meeting.  The hair of those who took part lifted with two of the people looking as if they were in a hair dressers only no visible hands came into the awareness of the members just the hair went up and down.  The physical is a setting where practical actions from spirit can be classified.  It is a definite and exacting experiment because unlike other approaches to proving spiritual acts it allows for people to be there own decision maker on what has been evidenced.  It makes opinion and most importantly it shares analysis of what happens with everyone.