Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 2nd April 2019.

A physical séance was attended by experienced members and medium. The room was closed to anybody, other than members and medium, coming in and the area where the séance was held had been prepared and checked prior to the commencement of the investigation.

There was an awareness of everything that was occurring in the séance and this was enhanced by the seating position which enabled members and medium to all face one another. There was a central table and specifically chosen objects that had been placed on top of it. The objects had been picked because they were easy to note for any interaction. Other than if touched, the objects should not have made any noises.

In trance, the medium started to talk about individuals in spirit. Particulars were referenced, information about actions, personality and direct speech were acknowledged and reported. Individual moments were then captured through specifically given messages to members. If validated, further evidence was then spoken about. In each case validations occurred and detailed dialogue was established between spirits to recipients via the medium.

The medium talked about and referred to specific for a gentleman. It is believed that this gentleman in spirit is a John Constable, RA(11 June 1776 – 31 March 1837) an English landscape painter in the naturalistic tradition. In the séance this male was associated with family, love and his notions of painting pictures of home. Born in Suffolk, Constable is known principally for his landscape paintings of Dedham Vale, this is the area surrounding his home – also now known as “Constable Country” – this is somewhere he invested with an intensity of affection. The medium referred to this gentleman in spirit as a very gentle person and a someone with an affable persona. In detail, he explained, that it was useful to capture the surrounding environments because each to there own had a captivating and alluring quality. Aiding the memories and vividly depicting the spirit of a home, the paintings which showed colours and tranquillity, were best suited to breathing passion into the people. Children were happy achievements, he felt. Sketches took the most dedication and patience, he vocalised. After the séance, in research it was found that an important anniversary for the gentleman in spirit was relevant.

The séance acknowledged an intriguing set of combination noises. These were termed combination noises as they appeared to come in a pair. At the beginning of a mention in spirit presence, further speech was heard in accordance with this and one light tap of noise was quickly followed by another. This was heard over the table and from where the spirit activity was being alluded to, in summary of the spirits’ speech and as they were saying goodbye to the séance, two short but definitive taps were heard to follow each other in the room once again.

There was a lot of laughter, smiles and a jovial atmosphere during the message giving part of the séance. In terms of the relevance to the investigation, the validations of information from spirit speakers to recipients was viewed as pertinent to the evidence. In detailed references about spirit speakers’ personality references and subsequent messages, member recipients felt that there was relevancy for them personally in both areas. Having acknowledged and noted the observed noise activity, this was collectively agreed by the séance, as meaningful because of what was occurring in the séance at that time but despite investigation of them unexplained by anything physical having caused it from inside or outside of the room.