Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on the 28th January 2014.

The circle which we sat recently was an interesting two hours of which I have included the main incidents for opinions to be formed not only on what took place but also how it could have been possible.

When we sit for something as organised as a physical circle no one is able to say what may happen throughout the period.  There are objects which are set out and rules followed but nothing can be planned as spirit or investigation into spirit presence is very much based on the participation of those same energies.

In our circle we followed the usual opening which is a time where upon mediums gathered will begin trance and some members will sit to notice if activity is taking place.

It does appear to be the most appropriate means of objective observation as there are more than one part of the séance areas which will be viewed by sitters, who all not only question what is detected but also only bring it to everyone’s attention if more than one person has noticed it.

The mediums that night were mostly in trance and spoke of several spirit who they could sense but as this was one action that only that individual could confirm having knowledge of, it is a part of our physical that is limited, as the other sitters have to go by what that medium or the mediums in their meditative process will refer to, it was interesting that as the individual began to talk about the spirit they were able to feel the whole room became cooler and it was as this was noticed by three of those sitting that a white shape was caught moving very easily though all three who sat could state what the apparition was.

The white shape moved easily through the room and like it was walking but without the normal energy it should take, it was spotted on or by the side of a sitter and then lifting his hand it moved across the rest of the circle in a second.

It was far too soon for a person normally to be able a walk of that time.  Not only was the shape all white but even though their face was alight it still allowed for those sitters who picked it out to also state that he had hair and features.

It is believed the apparition was male as those who picked it out that night said he had a lot of black hair and the facial features of a male and while he held their attention for a few moments all three also agreed that he was there and then not in the circle before they could asses what had happened.

Spirit or materialised individuals have been noted throughout physical sittings but one thing which does seem to corroborate with the views of the sitters that evening was that the way in which these incidents are noticed are with the spirit being in a light or having light all over them and that they move with a speed which is particularly apparent.

The sighted energy was something noted and as a moment within the whole proceeding it did make the mediums question what or who it could have been.  The person that one of the mediums was speaking about at the time did become one of the most likely people it could have been.

A point which is somewhat breath taking is that at the same time the energy was picked out by the sitters, there was also an audible talking that came from an unknown place.

The noise of a ticking like a time piece was heard by some of those who sat and then before the spirit came into view of those who spoke of it they also became aware of someone or several people who were speaking all in a group and what was more significant is that there words came through near by to each sitter in turn though no one could explain how.

In aiming to explain the cause or to classify what had taken place, it should be noted, there are many reports that before speaking from spirit is known to be an active in a spiritual meet as such there have also been many who have become linked to the ticking which was also something which was primarily noted as a factor which coincided with the spiritual conversing.    It is not known why the time sounds are relevant to the spiritual activity but from research multiple circles all have a share in the same type of timing and placement of spiritual activity.  It might be this is required for energy in preforming this action and it is perhaps why three of the individual sitters all noticed the same thing that evening.