Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 29th January 2019.

The séance started in quiet with the medium in a closed eyes trance. The physical séance was in attendance to look out, specifically, for any overt physical activity. Physical forms of activity could entail visual, audible or claims of sensory experience. Any noted examples of physical activity were then able to be investigated and referred to as unexplained or not.

The séance took place in a closed room. Members and medium in attendance sat facing each other and all objects were in full view of all sitters.

On several occasions when a spirit was in speech and mentioned moving across to a certain part of the room, subsequently sounds were then heard from that same spoken of area. The noises were creaks and taps from the wall but despite investigating nothing could be found as means for explanation, for the sounds or the subsequent timing, from either inside or outside of the room.

Smells were depicted. Several members noted particular scents that appeared to be distinctly noticeable and within a few minutes of speaking about them blue Orbs, unexplained lights, were seen in the séance room.

Danny La Rue and Peter were both mentioned as important names for the seen spirit. The medium spoke of a lady and gave information believed to be for a Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, CI, GCVO, GCStJ (Margaret Rose; 21 August 1930 – 9 February 2002) the younger daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. The sibling of Queen Elizabeth II. In the meeting a great feeling of happiness was associated with the particular time of the spirit-linked speech and the information reference.

The séance was keen to discuss the focal points of the investigation. The smells and visual experiences of the Orbs did seem to have been associated. The members were able to talk about personal messages which they had received and how  much validation they had contained for them individually. At the time of noting the spirits’ speech messages, validation was high and the information had been deemed pertinent and relevant to the specific sitters. At the end of the séance the experiences were once again spoken of as truthfully accurate.