Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 22nd January 2019.

Members and medium all attended the prepared and checked room. The physical séance was held in a closed room. Everybody sat in full view of each other and the objects that had been particularly laid out.

The séance started off with several claims of a specific and unexplained scent. Several members referred to a particular smell, a scent, of which could not be explained by anything from inside or outside of the room. There were two of these noted scents. One was primarily described as a perfume and was believed to be explained by a subsequent message, which came in from a claimed spirit and via the medium. There was information about the person in spirit, once this was validated, the more detailed message was passed to the recipient. The member who received the message, referred to a memory of the person in spirit which could be strongly associated with that of the smell. Interestingly as this was mentioned the smell then dissipated.

The second incident linked to an unexplained smell came in when members talked about a particular identifying feature of noting cigarette smoke. This was denoted as a spirit was then visually depicted by the medium. References were given for a family member of one of the sitters, a specific gentleman who had passed to spirit. The smell of smoke was validated as an important link to the spoken of gentleman in spirit.

The medium talked about a gentleman in spirit, literature and the names of James and Henry were linked to and spoken about. A female was mentioned to be seen as important to him and was described in appearance. It is believed that the person in spirit referred to was a Henry James, OM (15 April 1843 – 28 February 1916) an American-British author regarded as an important and transitional figure. There is research that suggests he is considered by many to be among the greatest novelists in the English language. Literary Realism and Modernism are both concepts that are associated to his work. He was the son of Henry James Sr. the brother of renowned psychologist and philosopher William James and Alice James, who is a renowned diarist. Ideas, were brought in as a topic of importance to the spirit reference and it was felt relevant to say that if strong literature was to remain popular then it was imperative that one idea was focused on strongly and solely at an individual time. Poetry and the influence of it was brought up as a secondary subject of discussion and once again it was deemed significant to allude to this area of literature as influential to communities and societies throughout differing and varying times in history.

The séance was able to talk about what they had experienced. In terms of the scents, these were far easier to investigate. At the times of the claims, speech and messages directly denoted from individuals in spirits, were in progress. Explanation was suggested as meaningful because of the conjunction of spirit speech and the claimed scents. The objects and occurrences happening inside and outside of the room where the séance was held could not further enlighten on how the scents had been depicted at those particular times.