Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 15th January 2019.

A physical séance can be a good platform from which to gage any individual, collective experiences, notes of observations or claims or activity. As the séance is focused on an awareness of the physical activity and phenomena, it is then the job of the investigation to question further and look for possible explanations as for what, if anything, has occurred.

In the séance members and medium gathered. The room had been prepared and checked prior to the commencement of the investigation.

The medium began in a closed eyes trance and although the room was silent, as the information and links came through, there were several distinct and what were thought to be pertinent, noises.

At first, spirits individually were referred to and depicted. If a member could validate and acknowledge them, then further information was given and a more detailed message or spirit speech appeared to follow through. In each case within the séance members acknowledged the spirit speaker and then it was as they began to speak with the associated recipient of the message that loud tapping noises could be heard from around the inside walls of the room. Several times, as the spirits were in conversation the loud noises could be heard, as if there were taps and pops going off in the air and right beside the inner walls. At one point, there was a loud rattling sound that was heard and this was from a part of the room where nobody had been sitting.

The medium latterly talked about a female in spirit. The name of McEwan was linked with and Miss Marple. It is believed that the spirit in question was that of a Geraldine McEwan (born Geraldine McKeown; 9 May 1932 – 30 January 2015) an English actress who had a long career in film, theatre and television. The spirit talked about the importance of having a strong lead and being able to find a sense of balance. The career based information about the lady in spirit was researched after the séance.

Even though the noises in the séance had earlier been collectively noted, it was important to do a follow up and investigate possible causes or explanations as for why they could have been heard. There were no objects that could have accounted for the sounds that were heard or anybody who was visibly seen to have moved or caused the noises. Careful attention was paid to how the sounds had been noted at particular moments in the séance and if this had at all been significant to the investigation. It was felt that a collective experience of the sounds had meant that any doubt about the interpretation or indeed the timing of them was much more assured than if it was individually claimed. Everybody had been aware of the sounds and on looking back over what had been noted, in each of the instances were a high rate of acknowledgement and validation of a message had been given by a recipient or that there was a spirit speaking quickly and in mid-speech, then the tapping noises had been experienced. This was found to be a profound and intriguing result of the investigation.