Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 1st January 2019.

A séance should have a series of preparation checks and preliminary objectives if the needs of an investigation are to be met with and observed. This particular blog refers to a physical séance, whereby a group of experienced members and medium collated in a closed and checked room. In a physical séance the objective is to look out for any overt visual, audio or claims of notable activity that can then be investigated as for reasons or possible causes. If the specified physical activity remains unexplained then it could potentially be defined as evidence.

Several spirits spoke to the attendees of the séance. In-depth links and references were first gained before conversational toned messages could then be given.

The medium, in trance, spoke about a female seen in spirit. A Mary Shelly, writer and poet. It is thought that the spirit spoken about was that of a Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (née Godwin; 30 August 1797 – 1 February 1851) an English novelist, a short story writer, dramatist, biographer, essayer and travel writer, perhaps best known for her Gothic novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus (1818). In the séance the spirit spoke of motivation and incorporating important ideals into a noted philosophy. Research has shown that Mary Shelley edited and promoted the works of her husband, the Romantic Poet and philosopher Percy Bysshe Shelley. Her father was the political philosopher William Godwin, and her mother was the philosopher and feminist Mary Wollstonecraft. Strength and perseverance was a much needed lesson, the spirit stated, and this was true of many areas in life.

All spoken of evidence was validated by recipients of the specific messages and speech. Only then could it be referred to as spiritual evidence. The séance was able to note several experiences. Members reported strong smells and there were Orbs that were noted. Both the smell and the sightings of Orbs could not be explained by anything having caused them either inside or outside of the room where the séance had been held. It was felt that the investigation had achieved in being able to not only observe and query experiences but also in being successful in researching and collating the findings.