Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 11th December 2018.

The séance was held in a prepared and closed room. It started with a noise being heard from the objects which had been laid out on the central table.

Experienced sitters and medium sat facing each other. The medium began in a closed eyed trance to pass references of individuals in spirit to the room. It took a few minutes and then with eyes open the medium continued to talk about individuals who she could see in spirit. Having sighted the person in spirit, more detailed references were given and then if acknowledged by a sitter, the medium passed on an in-depth message to them. The sitter, in each case, listened and if validated then the incident was noted.

What was interesting about the message giving was the particular tone of the speech altered and seemed to adapt to meet each, individual experience. The phrasing, pace and tone all appeared to be integral to the message itself. The messages themselves were reported by the recipients as relevant insights and could be validated. Information about the givers in spirit were also accepted as accurate.

A blue Orb was noticed. One particular light was seen simultaneously as a message was being given by a spirit via the medium. The light was seen in the room and it lasted a few seconds. There were several smells that were experienced during the séance. In specific was mentioned the smell of cigar or cigarette smoke and although it was quick to appear and disappear, the experience was followed by reports of a cool breeze and sense of a presence.

The séance was able to refer to a number of visible, scent, sense based and audible experiences. The references to the blue light, extremely cool breeze, scent and noises were all investigated but could not be found to have a basis as for practical source explanation from inside or outside where the séance room was held. These experienced did coincide with speech or alternatively times of messages being given by spirits and were acknowledged as unexplained activity.

The medium specifically referenced a spirit. George Best (22 May 1946 – 25 November 2005) a Northern Irish professional footballer who played as a winger is believed to be the gentleman in spirit that the medium spoke about. He is thought of and quite well known as one of the greatest players and dribblers of all time.  Best’s playing style combined skill, pace, skill, balance, feints, two-footedness, goal scoring and the ability to easily beat defenders. In the séance, a sense of family and an importance was given to attaining aims at specific times in life, were both mentioned and spoken about by the gentleman in spirit.

There was a spirit referred to and linked with comedy. The Chuckle Brothers were an English children’s comedy double act comprising Barry David Elliott (24 December 1944 – 5 August 2018) and Paul Harman Elliott (born 18 October 1947). They were known for their BBC children’s programme ChuckleVision. The programme celebrated its twenty-first series with a 2010 stage tour entitled An Audience with the Chuckle Brothers. The comedy of the Chuckle Brothers usually derived from slapstick, wordplay and visual gags. Their catchphrases included memorable comedy lines thrown from one to the other. In the séance the male spirit spoke of kinship and comedy. It is thought that Barry David Elliot was the gentleman in spirit and this is based on information gathered in the séance. The gentleman spoke of celebrating and looking at the happier seconds in life as represented in his photographs. Holidays were the focus of his speech and thanks was given by him to the people who had given time to him. Work performed in his honour was acknowledged by him.

The séance was classed as a physical séance and it was claimed that attendants felt as if the activity that was noted did correlate with poignant, interspersed pieces of personally relevant information. What was mentioned by many of the sitters was how loving and comfortable the atmosphere in the séance seemed to feel. There were moments of laughter that came from some of the conversations between spirits and sitters. Questions were only posed from sitters to the medium and there was a good level of objectivity that remained throughout the whole duration of the séance.

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