Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 4th December 2018.

These are the notes from the most recently sat physical séance. An investigation into a physical séance has experienced, collated and looked into several claims of noted phenomena.

The séance began with the medium, who in trance, passed information and messages from spirits to sitters. The information was in-depth and particular to personalities and appearances of claimed spirits. The messages were focused on both the spirits and the recipients of the information. The references were validated as relevant evidence by the sitter recipients.

Orbs were noticed during the investigation and these were claimed as blue circular round lights, each noted for a few seconds. The medium spoke of several spirits who she described in detailed appearance. Information was then given about a number of specific individuals in spirit. Animals and younger people in spirit were seen and mentioned as sighted in the séance.

A gentleman was referred to and particulars were given as for someone believed to be Paul Clark Eddington, CBE (18 June 1927 – 4 November 1995) an English actor known for his appearances in the popular television comedy sitcoms The Good Life and Yes Prime Minister. In the séance a good friend was noted in that of Richard Briers and a reference made to acting in theatres. Good humour, the gentleman thought and exclaimed, came from a good background in funny and laugh out loud till you cry experiences.

Notes were made on how and what was noticed about the latterly spoken of male in spirit. The Orbs were investigated, but no source or explanation as for what was seen, could be found from inside or outside of the séance room.

Messages were listened to and accepted as relevant by the recipients of them. It was interesting to note how the sitters could validate what was relevant to them and if the messages were able to be verified as to what they could acknowledge as correct.

The séance was felt to be a collective experience. Messages were only noted if validated by the recipients and evidence had to be proven to be accurate. Any experiences that were identified had to be investigated. The séance room, both inside and out, was checked as for any explanations of those claimed physical occurrences. If unexplained then the activity was noted as possible evidence. In this regard, both the Orbs and messages were noted as significant activity.