Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 16th October 2018.

A physical séance can be associated with many connotations of what it involves. The investigation that we sat in formed the basis of this blog. Experiences, evidence and investigations into it have all been included. This, most recent physical séance was an objective appraisal of the occurrences which took place during a time set investigation.

The séance started in a prepared room with experienced members and medium. At the beginning of the séance unexplained noises became obvious and these came from on top of certain objects. It was as the medium was talking about younger children in spirit that the sounds became apparent. Everybody heard at first noises which appeared to come from on top of objects and then a knocking sound from another part of a room. Neither sounds should have been depicted at that time as the objects would not make any noises unless interacted with and nobody was visible or seen to have moved at all in the part of the room where the knocking was heard.

Blue Orbs were seen and these were interestingly each defined and seen one after another. The consecutive blue lights were noted above where sitters were seated. It was noticed that within a few minute period several of these Orbs were noticed.

Subsequently noted by the members was a distinct sound that could be heard. The sound of someone sitting in a seat came right after a spirit engaged in speaking and introducing himself to the séance. The sound was a good form of evidence because collectively everybody heard it but upon investigation nothing could be seen to explain it.

The medium, in trance, gave details of spirits she observed. Personal information and messages were given to recipient sitters who could then validate or refute the evidence. The members who received messages were able to validate the references as relevant for them.

Spoken of by the medium was someone believed to be a William Morris (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896) a British textile designer, novelist, poet, social activist and translator. Associated with the British Arts and Crafts Movement, he was a major contributor to the revival of traditional British textile arts and methods of production. In the séance the gentleman spoke of an anniversary and his contribution through art to an economy and a landscape. In research after the séance it was found that his literary contributions helped to establish the modern fantasy genre, while he played a significant role in propagating the early socialist movement in Britain.

The medium noted a gentleman in spirit and first his physical appearance was described. It is thought that the gentleman is Vincent Leonard Price Jr. (May 27, 1911 – October 25, 1993) an American actor, perhaps most known for his performances in horror films. His career spanned other genres, including film noir, drama, mystery, thriller, and comedy. He appeared on stage, radio and television prolifically and in more than one hundred films. He has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: one for motion pictures, and one for television. Born and raised near St. Louis, Missouri, Price also has a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame. In the séance he was keen to talk of his children and a Happy Birthday message was given by him.

Research has shown that Price was an art collector and a consultant, he achieved a degree in art history, lecturing and writing books on the subject. A gourmet cook, additionally, he was the founder of the eponymous Vincent Price Art Museum in California.

It was of interest to the séance that the theme of art was mentioned and seemed important for both latterly noted gentleman in spirit. The pertinence of the specific messages given by the medium was felt to be high. There was a combination of appearance and references of both the spirit speakers themselves as observed by the medium and the details of the messages that they gave directly to the recipients of the information. There was a lot of noises that despite investigation could be suggested as relevant because of their timing but were not explainable by anything having visibly set them off. The Orbs were specifically noted and talked about. Several were seen and it was the coincidence of them being sighted at a time of spirit speech that was felt very significant. Members spoke of the depth that the visual and audible evidence gave to the séance and of the personal satisfaction that was felt to have been experienced because of the information that had been gathered.