Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on the 14th January 2014.

In this circle I would like to make a note that a new item was used in terms of equipment for the investigation into proving evidence of spirit.

The introduction was of a Night Camera which was set up with a wireless link and the screen used to show to all members who were sitting in the particular séance.  The assembled sitters were then allowed to view and discuss results.

On the evening of the circle the same room was used and the same members sat with the requirements all met, the evening began and the findings were all too soon apparent.

Within moments of the display being set up little lights were seen by several of the sitting mediums.  When what was noted was stated everyone looked at the display and quickly a number of white floating lights were picked up.

Not only was the movement of the said little disks interesting as they did not just go from one part of the sitting to another but they stopped in certain points and then one started to go back the way it came.

Everything was filmed.  The whole length of the sitting was also intermitted with these same lights which seemed to actively be a part of what was being undertaken.

With members detecting lights, then questions were put to the moving white objects and the correspondence of certain activity did seem to fall into line with what was being asked.  The white round objects varied from large to small but as we watched it was with interest that it was seen each moved with what looked to be directional aim and one having shown up on the screen waited and then as if it knew it was seen it backed the way it came until it was no longer able to be viewed.

The smaller disks actually went round in a circle and this was also something the mediums picked out because if it was a particle or stray substance that had been caught on the screen with the night vision then it should have either generally gone up or down on the breeze of the air but with nothing in the room to cause this kind of circular process it seemed strange that it should make these lights go into this repeated phase of activity.  Other actions which caused discussion that evening was several other of the round unexplained objects gathered in one area of the sitting and seemed to all   keep going towards certain items.  The table for example was one such thing at the centre of attention with several of the same self propelled objects all looking as if they were trying to go through it.  The table itself is used in the physical gathering and has a drawer in which there are some left over sweets from the holidays, it does appear odd that at the time the mediums that night claimed seeing children spirits the little specks picked up by the equipment also showed up and looked to knock into the same place a number of times.

The Camera had been put into the circle as it was a theory on it being able to pick up on evidence that the normal sight could not on its own be aware of was something we wanted to test.  A way of technologically proving spirit is something which is intriguing as by its nature it is objective.  The evening’s light showing remained unexplained and following the séance the members took up the topical conversation with a number of us wanting to highlight what had been seen, why and if there was an overriding way of grouping what had been detected together.  The lights had been quite plentiful in the amount and within the first few moments of one of the mediums speaking the white lights had started to come into the room.  The one moment from the whole evening which should be set apart is the part one of the sitters had in asking if these specks were from one source or could spirits somehow state if they were responsible  and following a short pause three defined bright spots shot up the side of the apparatus one after another moving straight up in a line.  Not only did the action bring on a lot of possible reasoning for what it could be but also it was the timing of it as it was performed a second or two after one of the mediums had put out a request for something to happen.  The circles of movement were something considered as each was around an item that had been placed within the gathering and there was some thought on the possibility of what may be a mean of constructively and practically assuming the meaning for it.  One thing was agreed and that was the focus of both the chosen methodology of the eve and the attention of all those who saw what went on was on the dots of the misty fragments that took over the proceeding.