Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 17th July 2018.

A séance can be full of activity or it can have moments of action interspersed with quieter moments. In the séance that was most recently sat and investigated, observations and notes were taken of several kinds of claimed experiences and evidence.

The séance began with the medium in trance. She depicted appearances of individuals in spirit, gave information about them and why they wished to talk to the stipulated sitter. If validated by the recipient, then more detailed messages were given. A lot of references were able to be established and responded to as relevant.

Smells permeated the séance. Scents that should not have been present in the room were noted. The smells were strong and lasted enough time for recognition of them. What was interesting to me and in terms of the investigation was how the smells did resonate with the members as personally acknowledgeable. Explanations could be heard about meanings behind the quite particular perfumes and cooking smells.

Claimed information came through via spirit regarding a male gentleman, an actor and someone who is thought to be a James David Graham Niven (1 March 1910 – 29 July 1983) an English actor. In research he was, after the séance, found to be a novelist and memoirist. His many roles included Squadron Leader Peter Carter in A Matter of Life and Death, Phileas Fogg in Around the World in 80 Days, and Sir Charles Lytton (“the Phantom”) in The Pink Panther. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in Separate Tables (1958). In the séance comedians came through as an association and names of notable comedy individuals of today were specifically mentioned. An extremely gentle demeanour came through with the gentleman in spirit and it was explained that he spoke of a love for music and a calm atmosphere.

The speech and associated links that were given during the medium’s trance were notable. Several attempts were made to gain the exact or near to pronunciation of particular phrases and links. It did seem as if there was emphasis made on parts of personal messages for sitters. In the investigation, observations were made as for how these messages were received and what validations, if any, could be gained. Members were particular about the references of events and people. Memories were only taken if they had a meaning or could be understood by them. Everybody was asked to be as exact as possible. Sitters did remain quiet until the medium talked to them and information was given. The process was kept as transparent as could be and evidence was only noted if absolutely verified by the recipients of messages. The links and information did appear relevant and detailed. Humour was mixed in with past and present references that could then be responded to by the recipient who at the time received the message in the séance. As far as those who received a message were concerned, they explained that references that had been made, were verified as accurate and recognisable. This message based speech then had to be noted as an integral part of the séance.