Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 26th June 2018.

This blog is based on the noticed activity, the experiences and interactions of the most recently sat séance.  It is my role to write up the findings and any conclusions that might have been drawn from the investigation.  

Evidence is one of the most important aspects of the séance.  It is in a checked and prepared room that members and medium sat for the séance.  The room itself had all objects visible and was closed to any other interactions from outside.

The messages were at the heart of the first notable form of discussed evidence.  Information came through from spirits via the medium to sitters.  Links were given as for specifically known of individuals who could be validated by particular members as recognised.  This was then taken further as references were given about evidence of someone’s life that was claimed as only known by the recipient.  A very specific reference was given and this gained an enthusiastic response from the person with whom the spirit spoke to in the séance.  The information was relevant to a task and was explained as being particular to that person in spirit and moreover one of the only pieces of evidence that was personally known about them.

Noises were heard from objects that had been laid out on a fully visible central table.  There was nothing found to suggest how the noises had been heard because the objects themselves should only make sounds if touched.  Nobody was seen to have touched or interacted with any of the objects but at the time that the noises were heard the medium had been midway through a speech from particular spirits to members in the séance.

Messages were given regarding individuals in spirit and particulars of pets were also validated as relevant by sitters.  The medium then talked of a male gentleman in spirit, the name was given for a Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle KstJ DL (22 May 1859 – 7 July 1930) a British writer best known for his detective fiction featuring the character Sherlock Holmes.  Originally he was a physician, and in 1887 he published A Study in Scarlet, the first of four novels about Holmes and Dr. Watson.  In the séance an anniversary for a birthday was noted and this came in with a significant link to a thanks for someone.  A speech was noted from the spirit on the imagination and the need for evidence to outweigh any claims of proof.  He spoke of the importance of where investigations were held and there was an emphasis about the younger spirits who could be involved in such investigations.  In research more was found out about the literary achievements of the noted person in spirit.  Doyle wrote over fifty short stories featuring the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.  His stories are generally considered milestones in the field of crime fiction.

The séance was able to participate in identifying the noises that were heard and watching out for any visible explanation as for it.  There was a range of emotions that were experienced during the séance itself and these included laughter and poignant recognition of what were claimed validations of messages from spirits.  It was important for the purpose of the investigation that nothing be given as a response prior to what had been put forward by the medium other than a validation or refuting of the particular information.