Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 12th June 2018.

This is a blog which is focused on a physical séance and the investigation into what was experienced by those who attended.

At the beginning of the séance members and medium took to their seats in a prepared and checked room.  Everything in the closed room was fully visible and the objects put out because they were notable if moved or touched.  Interaction between members and medium was minimal.  The medium went into a trance and within a few minutes references were made to words and appearances of individual spirits.  If members could take references then they would validate information and it was then that detailed messages were given.

Smells were noticed in the séance room, one was pertinent to a specific spirit and explained by the members who could validate it.  It is important to note that the smell was strongly experienced for a few minutes and despite being investigated as for cause for it, could not be explained as having come from anything inside or outside of the séance room.  The smell lasted as members spoke of it and explained how it was pertinent for a person known to them in spirit.  This same smell was then acknowledged as having left the room without a trace and this happened seconds later.  There was another smell that was noted as unexplained, this was a cooking smell and again should not have been present in the room during the séance.  This particular aroma then combined with another scent that had relevance for certain members who could explain it as a favourite perfume smell of a loved one in spirit.

The medium referred to a gentleman in spirit, a person who had a sense of rule and specifics were given as for someone believed to be Henry VIII (28 June 1491 – 28 January 1547) King of England from 1509 until his passing.  Henry was the second Tudor monarch and in the séance an anniversary was noted for him.  Reported as speech from the gentleman was the issue of life and how one learnt from it.  In a situation where there are many people involved, he said that one had to define a sense of who they were in terms of what they thought.  It could be difficult to adapt to particular roles and if one could appreciate that they needed to think on the past, then they could very well make for a better future.  One had to learn from the dismay, study the education of the present day and be a scholar of the possibilities of days to come.  Generations were important for the spirit and the ability for each to turn their personality and loyalty to the time in which they had an opportune existence.

The séance noted several moments where smell became a prominent and unexplained means of activity.  There was one scent in particular that was noticed twice and on noting the second experience of the smell a coldness accompanied it.  The duration of the latter part of the experience saw a member talking of the noted smell and of a coolness in temperature around her.  There was nothing to explain either the coldness or the smell from inside or outside of the closed room.  The medium did report a male in spirit and more specific details were given as for what he meant to particular members in the séance.  A relative in spirit was then identified and validated by the same members.

There were times in which unexplained activity could be depicted by members and the medium in the séance.  It was in these moments that investigations were carried out into possibilities as for what was noticed and why it had been notable.  In the cases of the smells, nothing inside or outside of the room could be referred to as explanation but there were personal experiences that did seem pertinent as for why the smells had been recognised.  What was interesting is how the experiences of the smells and the unexplained activity was taken further, deeper exploration was made into what, if anything could be understood from them and subsequently particulars were validated by certain members.  In being able to refer to what the smells were and how they were significant, this then seemed to provide pertinent explanations.  The séance did appear to be separated into three categories of awareness into any unexplained activity, the investigation into possible causes and personal contribution from members about specific explanations and meanings.  There was a definite sense of involvement from the members as validations for information were given.  Apart from validations and explanations as for the smells that were noted, all other relevant information was given by the medium.