Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 5th June 2018.

In this Blog I thought that I would explain the components of the investigation into a physical séance.  In order for the investigation to take place there has to be several considerations, objectivity has to be paramount and that is reinforced through the environment of the séance room being checked and prepared.  All objects are put out in positions on a table that are visible to the sitters.  Experienced members and medium all gather and sit facing one another, notes are made for clarity of remembering if or when activity has been noted.

After everyone had gathered in the area designated for the séance, the room was closed.  Trance, a light unconscious state, was exhibited by the medium and messages started to flow from spirits to sitters almost instantaneously.  Information about individuals, this ranged from appearance to names and included attributes of personality along with personal detailed messages were validated by several of the members.  The members who were the recipients of the messages were then able to listen, verify or refute information and ask several questions of the spirits.  Speech from the spirits was heard and this was through the medium.

Blue Orbs, unexplained lights, were seen over several of the objects that had been laid out on the table.  Smells were depicted and these were of scents that were not pertinent to being worn by anyone or as of being linked to any object that could be seen by the members in the room but did have significance in meaning as for acknowledged people who were recognised to members and who had passed to spirit.

The medium talked of a female and then a magical association.  At first it was not recognised if these two references were meant to be together and then comedy came out strongly with her.  Information was given as for someone thought to be Victoria Wood, CBE (19 May 1953 – 20 April 2016) an English comedienne, actress, a singer and songwriter, a director, screenwriter and producer.  In life Wood wrote and starred in dozens of sketches, musicals, plays, films and sitcoms over several decades.  In the séance a birthday anniversary was linked, the number forty one and mentioned was magical references and her pursuits into laugh out loud relevant to the moment literature.  Research after the investigation showed that her live comedy act was interspersed with her own compositions, which she performed on the piano.  The magical association is thought to be linked with Wood’s husband who was a known and public figure recognised because of his magical talent.  Purple was spoken of as an important colour that the lady in spirit wanted mentioned and she spoke of having many chums in that of loved ladies, fellow friends and a loving grandma in spirit with her.  Again research following the séance found that much of Wood’s humour was grounded in everyday life and included references to quintessentially British activities.  A lot of her comedy was noted for the wisdom and skills that it had in observing culture and in the funny take of attributes in that of the social classes.

Members seemed able to most verbally participate in the messages that were passed from individual spirits via the medium.  Information at this point of the séance was in speech form and interestingly in question format.  It was useful to be able to note how questions were put across and the answers that were given in response.  There were noises that were heard significantly at two main distinct times in the séance.  Noises were heard once when appearance information was being given about specific spirits at which point taps could be depicted over the objects on the table.  Again at a later time in the séance noises were heard from the table and this was when the medium was relaying information about particular spirits.  The objects that had been put out on to the table would make a noise if touched but other than actual interaction with them, they should not have been audible.  As unexplained activity this was collectively thought to be relevant for the investigation and the séance twice noted the noises and the timings of when they were heard.  Other than the noise and Orb activity, it was the messages that carried focus in the investigation.  The information was both verifiable, could be identified and associated with and were current, of the moment forms of evidence noted by members and medium.