Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 29th May 2018.

A prepared and checked room was to be the base for the physical séance.  Members and medium attended and all objects and the room itself was fully visible to everybody.

The séance began with the medium going into a closed eyes trance and there was almost from the first few minutes noises that could be heard from around the room.  There were loud knocks and taps from parts of the room where no one person was present and from objects which should not have emitted sounds unless touched.

The medium started to give phrase references and then more in-depth messages from individual spirits to sitters.  The information could be validated and was specifically referenced to the particular traits and appearances of people in spirit.  It was of interest to see how members could recognise individuals in spirit from the links and speech that was given.

The medium spoke of the word May and of Agatha Christie, there were several more links that are believed to be to that of Dame Margaret Taylor Rutherford, DBE (11 May 1892 – 22 May 1972) a British character actress of stage, she was on television and in film, but probably best known for her later career as Agatha Christie’s character Miss MarpleIt was her prominence following World War II in the film adaptations of Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit and Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest that brought about wide acclaimShe won the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for her role as The Duchess of Brighton in The V.I.Ps (1963).  Rutherford was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1961 and a Dame Commander (DBE) in 1967.  In the séance she was keen to be noted for her portrayal as Miss Marple and she talked of children.  She was content and happy that relief had once more been restored to her back, this was an issue that she spoke of as having been difficult for her in life.  A particular bird was brought up by her and she talked of films that she had loved being a part of and being in.

It was then that the medium referred to comedy, again May was mentioned and two gentleman were seen together.  Further information was given about someone thought to be John Eric Bartholomew, OBE (14 May 1926 – 28 May 1984), known by his stage name Eric Morecambe, an English comedian who together with Ernie Wise formed the award-winning double act Morecambe and WiseIn life the partnership lasted from 1941 until Morecambe’s death in 1984.  Morecambe took his stage name from his home town, the seaside resort of Morecambe.  In the séance the gentleman was eager to talk of a birthday, not only an anniversary for him but for a person in his family.  He thanked for the flowers and spoke of working on many stage projects.

During the séance itself observations were made, notes formed and investigations focused on the noise activity that was noticed.  The messages and speech from spirits, in particular, had an appeal because the knowledge that was imparted had an extremely personal aspect for individual members.  There were many moments of quiet whereby the séance listened to speeches and references that were later, after the investigation, researched.