Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 8th May 2018.

Physical séances have been documented here because of the experiences that can be witnessed.  The physical séance is a closed occasion, one which requires a lot of preparation and observation.  If objectivity is to be maintained, it is imperative that all parts of the room, the attendance and the process of the séance be visible and transparent.

A physical séance focuses on the overt activity that can be experienced but not unexplained by anything as having caused it from inside the room or the surrounding area.  In this séance the room was prepared, the experienced members and medium took to their seats and the investigation began.

An investigation into a séance is phrased as such because it is a questioning and probing of what might have been heard, seen or claimed of as an experience.  The information is then collated and references researched.

In this séance, the medium began to go into a trance.  This could be visually seen by the members as the medium looking as if she was in a light sleep.  The medium then began to state what she could see… appearances of individuals in spirit were referenced, identifying features could be orally linked to and physical traits were given.  These pieces of information were then used by members to note if they could ‘take’ validate or refute the links.  More particular information and following messages were received by members from individuals in spirit and this was via the medium.

A blue Orb or unexplained light was seen to streak across one of the member’s faces.  The light was slow in movement and although investigated could not be found as to have any cause as from any object inside or outside of the room.

Noises were heard and these were definitive taps and knocks but from a part of the room where nobody was in residence.  This noise activity was noted as speech was being given from a spirit individual directly to one of the members.

A male in spirit was noted for his attitude and greatness as associated to a particular country.  The gentleman came in to the séance via links, information about him and specific references.  It was as a result of the information that was gained that it is believed the gentleman is an Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865) an American statesman and lawyer who served as the 16th President of the United States from March 1861 until assignation in April 1865.  Lincoln led the United States through its Civil War—the bloodiest war and possibly its greatest moral, a constitutional, and political crisis.  In doing so, Abraham Lincoln preserved the Union, abolished slavery, strengthened the federal government, and modernized the economy.  In the séance wisdom was talked about by him and noted through actions.  He remarked that a person should not be judged by one action alone but because of the sum of his assessment and resolve to achieve in a situation.  Loving a country was not enough, he said, one had to want to do good by it.  Wit and dynamism was needed by anyone who wished to make the best of a scenario, because recognising the different parts of the whole would mean a successful outcome.

The next activity to be noted in the séance was that of another depiction of an individual in spirit.  A male was talked about by the medium and specifics were mentioned as for someone believed to be a Frederick Douglass (born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey; c. February 1818 – February 20, 1895) an African-American social reformer, an abolitionist, writer, orator, and statesman.  After escaping from slavery in Maryland, he became a national leader of the abolitionist movement in Massachusetts and New York, gaining note for his oratory and incisive antislavery writings.  In the séance poetry was talked about as importantly recognised by him.  He was described as being incredibly gentle in his nature.  In his time, he was described by abolitionists as a living counter-example to slaveholders’ arguments that slaves lacked the intellectual capacity to function as independent American citizens.  Northerners at the time had found it hard to believe that such a great speaker had once been a slave.

The medium spoke of a female in spirit, someone who because of what was linked to is thought to be an Emily Elizabeth Dickinson (December 10, 1830 – May 15, 1886) an American poet.  The lady was seen and appearance of her was focused on.

It was a point of discussion for the séance to note how the three later spirits all had a link to a love of commemorating history through writing.  All powerful literary individuals, this did seem to provide a shared interest for them.

A séance that proved to be active, the noises and visual experience of the Orb meant that there was a claim of a responsive activity from spirit.  As spirit was in mid-speech, the activity, both visual and later audible were noted.  It was through a combination of references and research that the latter individuals in spirit were described.  In unison the séance felt that what was linked to in terms of speech was insightful, as there was an ability to refer to both the personal and public history of particular well known figures.