Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 20th March 2018.

A physical séance is focused on any overt and unexplained experiences that might be noted within a set and defined timed period.  These experiences might be related to that of audible, sensed or visual occurrences that appear unexplained.

The séance started with messages being given to members from spirits via the medium.  The information was detailed, personal and could be validated by the individuals as apt.

Audible activity was claimed in that of a particular object which was noticed to have a scent that had not been there minutes before.  The object was one that had been placed on the table and when a scent was noticed, on investigation it became apparent that it came from the same item that had been earlier without any fragrance.  Members became aware of the scent as a particular spirit was being spoken of and the smell was noted by specific sitters as a reminder of the fragrance that she often used.  The object itself should not have given off any smell or scent of any kind and intriguing was the duration of the activity which lasted only a few minutes in time.

Orbs were noted and these were over and near to where members were seated.  Orbs or unexplained lights, in this example were small, blue and round.  Each light lasted only a few seconds and could not be explained as having been set off from anything inside or outside of the séance room.  The lights were seen over members, in front of them and to the side of where they were sat.

The medium spoke of a male spirit who was visible to her and she depicted him in appearance.  Information was then given about someone thought to be a Ronald Balfour Corbett, CBE (4 December 1930 – 31 March 2016) a Scottish stand-up comedian, actor and a writer.  He was known as a broadcaster, perhaps best known for his long association with Ronnie Barker in the BBC television comedy sketch show The Two Ronnies.  In the séance the gentleman was keen to talk of parties, commemorations and his eagerness to be mentioned for the purpose of an anniversary.  Ronald Corbett also known publically as Ronnie Corbett achieved prominence in David Frost‘s 1960s satirical comedy programme The Frost Report (with Barker) and subsequently starred in sitcoms such as No-That’s Me Over Here!, Now Look Here, and also in Sorry!

It was a séance that did need investigation into what was noticed as a particular smell and seen as specific activity.  The fragrance was a major part of the discussion from members.  There was interest in why the smell had become apparent and if it could have resonance with that of the spirit who was in speech and giving a message to a sitter at the time.  In themselves the activity that was noticed in both that of the scent and the sightings, these moments in the séance were noted as unexplained because when investigated, there was no explanation as for why they should have been experienced by the members.