Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 27th February 2018.

A physical séance is one which focuses specifically on the overt, visible, audible, unexplained activity that might occur.  It is important that in any sitting, certain restrictions and objective requirements are met.  This is to ensure that anything that may be a part of a claimed experience, sighting or report during the investigation itself, can then be easily verified and investigated as for further understanding about it.

The medium started to speak about an individual in spirit who was seen by her and relevant links were given then to the sitter who had known them in life.  There was a point when sitters asked questions about the same said spirit and at that time a bright, blue Orb was seen in the room.  An Orb or unexplained light was a sighting that was relevant both to the fact that a question had only a few second prior been asked and it was significant as for a colour that was explained as personally important for the spirit who had been spoken about.

There was a reference made to a gentleman in spirit, an actor and comedian.  Laughter was not always associated with the roles that he had in life but he spoke of being proud to have shared in such love-filled, comedy laced moments as an actor.  Information was given as for someone thought to be Richard David Briers CBE (14 January 1934 – 17 February 2013) an English actor.  His fifty-year career encompassed television, stage, film and on radio.  England and his wife were both topics that were mentioned by the spirit as important to him.  This was later researched and Ann Davies was found to be his wife.  His wife he said he held dear in his heart and the flowers of a yellow colour he produced for her.  His family was spoken of by him as the main factor for why did as he did.  Briers first came to prominence as George Starling in Marriage Lines (1961–66), but it was a decade later, when he narrated a programme called Roobarb and Noah and Nelly in… SkylArk (1974–76) and when he played Tom Good in the BBC sitcom The Good Life (1975–78), that he became a proper household name.  Later on, he starred as Martin in Ever Decreasing Circles (1984–89) and he had a leading role as Hector in Monarch of the Glen (2000–05) this reference was made directly about and to one of the sitters who then confessed that they had a personal liking of that particular programme.  From the late 1980s, it was with Kenneth Branagh as director, that Richard Briers performed Shakespearean roles in Henry V (1989), Much Ado About Nothing (1993), Hamlet (1996) and As You Like It (2006).  His life he said was filled with high points but they started and ended with his love for those who he held close in thoughts and to his heart.  Work less, he told the séance, because when all is said and done you have to do what makes you feel most homely and at ease.  A smiling and happy demeanour was noted as important for the spirit and his ability to meet, greet and befriend people was significant.

The séance was able to note several noises that could not be explained.  These sounds came from objects that had been put out on to a central table and from a part of the room whereby nobody was sat but from where the sound of the empty chair in that area creaked.

The experiences of sighting and hearing became all important as the sitters in the séance were able to talk about several notable times in which Orbs and noises were noticed.  A sentiment-filled speech did take up a majority of the séance and this was from one individual as referenced in spirit.  The links could be researched later, after the séance. Validated information and speech have been included in this write-up.  Any points of interest and observations have also been integrated into this blog.