Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 20th February 2018.

A séance can be only as objective as the planning, preparation and protocol of the investigation itself allows.  In this most recent séance members arrived and took to their seats.  The room had been laid out with the chairs, table and objects that were associated with easily noticed activity of motion and sound.  These objects were put out on to the surface of the table.

The beginning of the séance was focused on messages that were given by spirit individuals to the medium and then to the members.  The content of the messages were personally referenced and included information relevant to, what was said to be, the here and now of the sitters.  It was as the medium was highlighting a feeling of a spirit that an Orb was seen and this was over one of the sitter’s faces.  The Orb or unexplained light was blue in colour and seen for only a matter of seconds.  A little later and another Orb was sighted.  This unexplained light was a brighter colour and again lasted only, in time, a few seconds.

Both the occasions in which lights were seen in the room were investigated, questions were asked and in the room there was nothing found as indicative as for why, lights such as those seen, should have been a feature of the séance.

The medium spoke of a male in spirit, appearance and speech was noted for someone thought to be a Newton Edward “Paul” Daniels (6 April 1938 – 17 March 2016) an English magician and television presenter.  In life Daniels achieved international fame through his television series The Paul Daniels Magic Show, and this ran on the BBC from 1979 to 1994. He was known for his use of catchphrases and also for his marriage to his assistant, Debbie McGee.  In the séance he spoke vocally of a love for children and a strength in family.  A maternal grandmother, grandma, was noted by him in spirit.  The performance has not lost the laughs, he stated, and he spoke of an ability to engage in the hobbies that he once could be involved in.  A wedding day was also mentioned by him as important.  In his career Paul Daniels was awarded the “Magician of the Year’” Award by the Academy of Magical Arts in 1982, the first magician from outside the United States to receive it.  He also won the Golden Rose of Montreux in 1985.

Cool breezes were notable during the séance and this was around member’s feet and legs.  The claims were investigated but again in a fairly temperate room, the surroundings should not have been susceptible to any fluctuations.

Smells could be depicted and this was for a short period of time.  During the few minutes of experience scent, a strong perfume, could be depicted.  It came in quickly, was noted in the room, and then disappeared rapidly.  One of the members did claim and reference the scent as being relevant as for someone known to them who has passed.

It was a séance that had many experiences to note in that of messages, sights and in particular a prominent smell of perfume.  Of course any activity in a physical séance is important but how it is looked into and noted is also significant.  Activity, if unexplained, can be useful in outlining what happened and when.  The questions asked and the investigation as a process can be integral as to defining any possible explanations.  How this is all noted can then give an impression of what the experience in that séance was like and how, even if some of the content of the activity was of a personal relevance, it built into the noticed sitting of the séance.