Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 13th February 2018.

The term séance can in itself bring about many different ideas and perhaps assumptions on what the definition implies.  This Blog summarises the occurrences, suggestions and investigation process of the most recent member attended, closed, physical séance.

At the beginning of the investigation the medium was involved in conversation, this was in regards to messages that spirits gave to individual members.  Information was given as for who the speakers were, what was the intent of the message and how it was important for the recipient.  While not everything could be assessed by all who were in attendance at the séance, for those who were able to take the message, particular points could be validated and those were the noted moments.

Orbs were a feature of the séance.  Orbs or unexplained lights were seen and depicted.  The sighting was of individual lights that were blue in colour and each seen for a matter of seconds.  Interestingly four lights were seen at one time and while they did not last long in physical sight, the number of them and timing as in accordance with messages that were being given, was suggested as important.

In reference to the lights, there was nothing to explain why they should have been seen as a result of anything object based.  There were no reflections or equipment that should have set off anything light related.

The medium talked of a female in spirit and the name was found to be that of a Geraldine McEwan (born Geraldine McKeown; 9 May 1932 – 30 January 2015) who is an English actress who had a long career in film, theatre and television.  In the séance the medium spoke of her in appearance and there were several moments whereby she was said to have looked straight at members.  The spirit’s speech was a time in which, for a few minutes, dialogue came into the séance.  Questions could be asked and the lady spoke of a keen interest in being remembered and mentioned in the séance.

There was a link made to children in spirit and several claims from members of cold air that could be felt nearby to their legs and beside them.  The room itself was closed and there were not any drafts that should have been felt by anyone.

Significant Facts: Many of the messages and content of speech between spirits and members can be of a personal nature but it was in the poignant time that children in spirit were noted in the séance that something intriguing came about.  One of the little children, who was stipulated to be quite young in age, spoke out to one of the members.  He held out, in particular a bun, that he tried and tasted.  After this, he showed that he had three buns in his hands.  Now, this information to the rest of the séance was quite superficial but to the member, who was the recipient of the message, there was significant meaning.  In fact, she had three little siblings who were in spirit, and the information had come in answer to a question that she had stated and had silently asked prior to the séance.  A question was thought of by the member about the siblings she had and if they were in any way together.  It was an interesting occurrence and one that brought about a thought provoking taking of notes about it.

Smells in that of cigarette smoke was depicted by one of the sitters and separately there was a reference to a male spirit by the medium.  Someone believed to be that of Sir Peter Alexander Ustinov, CBE, FRSA (born Peter Alexander von Ustinov; 16 April 1921 – 28 March 2004) an English actor, writer, dramatist, theatre and opera director, film maker, stage designer, comedian, screenwriter, radio broadcaster, humorist, newspaper and magazine columnist, radio broadcaster and television presenter.  He was a fixture on many talks shows on television and lecture circuits for much of his career.  In the séance his younger appearance was alluded to and there was a focus by him, noted in speech, about an ambivalent attitude that had been adopted by many in recent times.  A respected intellectual and diplomat, he held various academic posts and served as a notable ambassador for charities.  It was thought of as odd that following the séance there was in the news a feature about the misuse of funds within a charitable organisation and how this in itself might influence opinions and minds.  A celebration of life was referred to in the séance, by and about this gentleman in spirit.

It was a séance that had a lot to be considered.  There were definable and definite moments when experiences of smell and sight did coincide with messages from spirits.  The investigation into these occurrences were times for questions and explanations, but as far as, anything found inside the room there was nothing to suggest why the experiences should have been had by the séance.  Following the séance itself, it should be noted that many of the events were typed up on a computer and reports were made of odd occurrences that happened all during this period.  As notes were typed up, boxes, messages and files repeatedly kept opening up without the person who was using the computer having instigated any of the activity.  As an unexplained activity, this too has been featured in the write-up of the recently sat séance investigation.