Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on the 10th December 2013.

Research into supposed spirit Materialisation which has been the aim for our parapsychology experiment based through the last few weeks has indicated some intriguing results

I thought here it would be useful to not only look back at the findings of our circles but also evaluate the accuracy, the strength and the various forms of activity.

The circles we sat all showed that as referenced in historical versions of popular spiritual gatherings and from London investigations articles dating back to those periods are still relevant as many of the claims of spiritual sightings stem from multiple forms of spiritual contact.

1. In our circles we have endeavoured to sit under conditions which would meet parapsychology regulations in order so we may improve on the objective or as close to possible parameters of such a examination.  There has been above everything focus on an unexplained white substance of which photographic image has been included.  Table and on a surface both, after the circle had finished, were streaked with lines and spots.

The white tangible hardened streaks were something of proof which not only backed that thought to be necessary for spirit manifestation but also were natural visible evidence of what so many earlier claims stated were the first signs of spirit forms as all the reports were linked in the white mist or substance seen just prior to a spirit entity sighting.  The actual materialisation came when asked for by the mediums and this to me is somewhat of an identifiable and verifiable mode of contact which answers the query as to if spirit understand or can respond to what people say.

2. Noises are regularly a part of our circle but in those we set apart for parapsychology classification and sat under conditions which would be objective or as much as is possible we once again aimed to check what was being reported by the sitters as evidence of spirit, we looked at what could have caused it and went one further in trying a method of conversing with spirit and receiving answers from entities through either banging on the walls or through creaks which came one after another and important results also showed that in the circle which we sat independently so that we could evaluate our findings in line with what psychology theories have purported essential we picked up on talking or breathing at points within the investigations.

3. Sensations and touches from entities were either from people sensing fingers brushing on their faces or from hands holding theirs.  We looked at the information and even correlated where we could matches in activity to time.  It seemed as though in the final stage of each circle the mediums were more aware of this act.

4. Visible forms are what the mediums focused on providing a response to and particularly the supposed spirit materialisation which has become so much a resource relied on by the individuals of the earlier years and of this day who report seeing apparitions in a circle.  The natural setting of our circle is meant to cancel out external influence from anyone who is not involved in our analysis.  We like to make sure, to even put what we see to more regulated forms of analysis and this aids us in making an account that is fair.  In the sittings we either were as a group all identifying facial appearances from energies and what was more was the resemblance which each had to the person they said they were.

5. Light or forms were seen through the bright coloured almost beams that came through in one sitting.  That circle was the one in which most reported seeing little disks of light whilst the mediums sat.

Temperature is something I have seen as an essential point for discussion.  In almost all circles I have reported the cool breeze is something that most sitters will claim is like an icy blast and a definite sign that spirit or a sighting will be imminent.  In our last circle the heat was talked about as all of a sudden a line of unbearable heat was there where all could pick it out by putting their arms forward and then all too soon it went away with no one able to say why.

In a summation I put forward the accountable activity which was a major element considered to be something that should be written of and made readily accessible for all to have an opinion on themselves.