Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on the 3rd December 2013.

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Spiritual explorations such as that which is an experience of a home circle is a basis for looking at all sorts of spiritual actions which could include materialisation sounds, sense or visual.

Spirit are through a home circle supposedly more open to a number of mediums of a physical nature.  This energy from those sitters is then used by spirits to normally give evidence which could convey visual, sense or sound depictions of an entity.

The evidence from a circle is one of the most widely related to by mediums, by those who have or claim to have noticed something para or psi based.

Parapsychologists who attempt to invest time and energy in finding out more on spirit and the supposed belief of this form of energy use circles as a method of approaching spiritual reports and will be more questioning in an investigation of what is seen, heard or felt.

In the circle we attend there has been a recent series of odd or unexplained points in our study of supposed spirit materialisation which have led us to try to find answers as to why some incidents have occurred.

Lights which are round and circular, blue disks and white flashes have been seen in sittings with regular claims from all members of a similar visual display.  The intense lights are sighted and spoken of by those attending the circle as seen prior or whilst other activity is seen and it does warrant attention due to the pattern in which they are evidenced.

When something such as supposed spirit activity is seen in a circle we do not let it stop there but watch for regular occurrence in notable timing, in the number of people who all see the same thing and if there are any plausible reasons for it.  Ectoplasm, is somewhat an objective testable substance which has been an indication of spirit energies.  In repeat actions of light evidence the sitters having all seen similar blue flashes all talked together following the séance and one chosen individual referenced what was seen against pictures of other accounts with the outcome being that orbs matched with the depiction of an image of those which were seen during the gatherings.  By locating photos of what was identified it was then discussed as to why or how spirit made contact through this evidence and it was suggested that because of the speed and time in which they showed it could be that they were related to or prompted spiritual physical.  Before tapping or knocking on the walls the same disk or fluid lit up rounds were spoken of and during many moments in each of the sittings it could be said that just as something odd was taking place or a few seconds in advance the same round spheres could be detected.  On this past Tuesday evening facial features of spirit were notable along with names and verifiable and identifiable anniversary dates.

Objective information directly given as a means of spirit is also a factor which is keenly used in parapsychology.  Names are not enough but if a date can be reliably researched and does indicate a significant passing or special reason it could be a matter for further questioning as this by itself is a report which can be independently evaluated.

In concluding the incident of last Tuesday’s investigative attempt on establishing spirit existence we saw that there were different and varied subject to look at and that each in its own way could not be easily separated in terms of what was seen as multiple statements all correlated and that in itself seemed to dominate the examination of what went on.  The closeness in the after debate did portray that everyone had an exact version of what they picked up on and in most cases this overlapped and caused a definitive group opinion.