Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 31st October 2017.

In any séance it is important that the preparation be achieved prior to the sitting itself.  This is imperative as for the purpose of objectivity it is useful to know where all objects have been positioned.  The room itself and the area outside is regarded by the members before the séance and during the investigation everything is in full view of everyone.

There were a number of intriguing occurrences as the séance got underway.  Members talked of sightings of a spirit gentleman, a smaller child and there were several lengthy periods wherein a blue light was seen.  Knocks, taps and footsteps were all heard and these were often in a rapid succession of each other.

Smells were noticed by members, not only were these fragrances and aromas significantly smelt by those who sat but they were quick to appear and then disappear.

The medium talked to individuals in the séance and gave messages from people who had passed but were known by them.  Information referred to particulars about who they were, what they would like to say and specific memories that could be validated by the member that the references were given to and talked about.

A male in spirit was spoken of and referenced in terms of actual sighting in the investigation.  Sir Harry Donald Secombe, CBE (8 September 1921 – 11 April 2001) a Welsh comedian and singer is thought to be the male spirit that was referred to in the séanceThe male spirit talked of an anniversary, he spoke of family and pastimes.  Sir Secombe was a member of the British radio programme The Goon Show (1951-60), playing many characters, but most notably as Neddie Seagoon.  Research has shown that singing was important for Sir Harry Seacombe as he was an accomplished baritone, he also appeared in musicals and films notably as Mr Bumble in Oliver! (1968) – and later on in life he was also a presenter of television shows incorporating hymns and other devotional based songs.  A love of comedy and the subject of magic came up as the male spirit spoke and he talked of how it was important to learn how to laugh at life.  Many fears that he had, he said had reduced and it was with a lot of love that he could be with people.

It was interesting to be able to note how the séance progressed.  Members were able to accept information and seemed to be emotional about the effect that the specific messages had for them.  Unexplained noises and sightings appeared to be relevant to the investigation as despite looking at when these incidents and occurrences happened and looking at where they were noted, no explanation as for why could be found.  There were moments in the séance when a lot of activity seemed to occur together.  The medium was either in trance or actively in speech when the noises were heard on the walls and floor.  There was a lot of significance in how the séance was able to be noted and it was felt that there was a lot of opportunity to explain why activity was noticed and to include everything that was experienced by everyone who sat.