Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 12th September 2017.

Objective and full of thoughts, questions and summary were all an integral part of the most recent physical séance.  It was when everyone, members and medium, had sat in a prepared and checked room that the séance began.

Noises were heard straight away, this was within the first few minutes of opening the investigation into the séance.  The noises were quite loud popping and tapping which came from the objects that had been laid out on the table.  This kind of activity around objects put out on the table had been noticed in séance investigations before.  It was of interest to the séance because while the objects were laid out because of the appeal they may have for younger spirits there should not have been any noises that came from them without some kind of contact being made with them.  The objects and table itself were all fully visible to everyone in the room.  Nothing could be seen as visibly occurred on or around the objects but the noises were distinct and because no explanation for them could be given, they were noted as unexplained.

It was of interest that the timing of the noises did come as younger spirits were in conversation with members through the medium.  Messages from other family members and friends came through at a latter point in the séance and validated information was received.

The medium referred to a male spirit, who because of the information given, is thought to be Patrick Wayne Swayze (August 18, 1952 – September 14, 2009) an American actor, dancer, and singer-songwriter.  He became extremely notable because of appearances in films during the 1980s.  Swayze became popular for playing tough guys and romantic leads and he was liked by many multiple fan bases.  In the séance the male spirit was keen to show a happy demeanour.  He mentioned an anniversary and a keen aim to be noted in the séance.  There was a thoughtfulness that came in with the male spirit and a need for him to be as able to get about and do things as possible.  Sport came in with him as important and he talked of now being able to love his pastimes with a more relaxed sense about it.  A lot of love came from him to everyone who had given time to him.

The séance had a distinct feel as if there had been several different parts to it.  While a feeling maybe difficult to explain and even more difficult to investigate, it was a feeling that everyone could claim as having felt.  The part of the séance that was message based came with a section where sitters could Q and A with the spirits who conversed with them.  In this part of the proceedings the medium could pass on detailed information in answer format to questions posed from the members and this was particularly in reference to the spirits’ appearance, message and memories of the sitter themselves.

There was a feeling of usefulness from the investigation as activity, messages and experiences could be queried and explored.  There was a lot of emphasis on spirits as in who was speaking to who and why they were doing so, and this in itself was explained later by members as insightful and significant for them as a means of approaching the history they had shared.  Humour was brought into messages and this was noted because of how it could be representative of spirits who were known in people’s lives.