Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle on the 28th November 2013.

When members gather for a home circle all endeavour to sit on the same evening but on this occasion we gathered on Thursday evening to talk about a high volume of odd incidents which had taken place both for us Tuesday evening and also two days later in that week.

Spirit had involved themselves through physical medium of sound, sight and material ability.  Members had stated that occurrences had taken place in their homes.

On Tuesday we sit our circle and recently have participated in a parapsychology based investigation primarily in assessing what kind of activity was coming about and secondly to see if this could be logically explained by other means.

As a lot of seemingly sudden incidents became apparent it was suggested that perhaps a meeting should sit to discuss exactly what had been seen, heard and stated.

On the normal day for circle things had gone according to what was expected with things laid out and the red light switched on just moments earlier than the opening words were said.  Members had sat and the meeting began.

As generally is asked for a person will sit and take down information for later research and to make sure that a record is stated accurately.  The sitting had been one which had particularly seemed active, members said they could see a lot of mist which is what is anticipated before materialisation.  Spirit also were voice present and not only gave indication of who they were but came with dates that were later checked and validated.  One of these was an interesting figure more associated with legend but he as historians have noted was someone who existed in England and it was this spirit made evident through a link to his identity and the factual appearance of him on a specific anniversary.

The amount of activity was interesting as spirit were involved in conversation.  If a member would speak on a certain topic lights would light up the room.  First once this was seen the members asked what the light was and where it could be radiating from but when actual sentences were said on that same subject again the same bright orange lit up everyone again.

The light is something that in parapsychology studies would be a means for further exploration.  One main issue with it was how bright it was but also how it seemed to only start and finish whilst a particular nature of speech was being voiced.

It was put forward maybe spirit were joining in what was being said through light participation.  This was one solution to what was being seen but as psychological studies before it have said, it is not enough to leave an examination of what had occurred at that point and the members began checking independently what each sitter had seen and consequently a thorough attempt was taken at cancelling all other reasons for the activity.

The outside of the room where the séance is sat is an empty and quiet location.  There is not often any other intrusion.  The curtains in the room are heavy and when shut would not allow any light to come in.

The room itself had only the one light which is put on low and will only flicker should an electrical reason be apparent.  The incident which took place with the bright streak which shot across the room when a certain thing was said could not be explained.  Members statement of what was seen pointed to either a strong long line of light or a fast strobe.

The actual meeting was one that warranted a lot of questions and following that night once more a certain period two nights later was when mediums who attended that evening seemed to correlate in that they all experienced activity of the same nature in their homes.

On the floor patches of water was seen by two of the members separately and in different locations but the plumbing in three of the builds all started becoming weak with water dripping and leaking from differing utensils.

It could be that this coincidence of what had taken place meant that water was a means for similar things to be experienced by the individuals certainly this could be so although it should be mentioned that all these activities were seen within a two hourly period from all who talked about them.  What is more intriguing is most seen by what was spoken of in that first meeting in the week as spirit had through trance brought up the need for water as a substance to be brought into the proceeding as it would serve a purpose.  Only 48 hours after it several of those who sat had masses of it flowing around them or it was found where you would not think it should be.