Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 22nd August 2017.

These are the notes from when members and medium sat in a physical séance.  This is an arena in which any unexplained activity can be, if seen, noted and investigated.

It was an intriguing start to proceedings as spirits seemed eager to talk to members who were sat within the séance.  As such the medium began to pass on information, memory and age based references and speech from spirit individuals to members.  It was as this was occurring that noises could be heard from objects which had been put out on to the table.  Orbs could be seen and these were unexplained blue circles of lights.  These lights were seen individually and each only for a few seconds.  There was a few minutes in which several Orbs were noticed quickly one after each other.

Interestingly in messages and speech given information explanations for events sitters’ had noticed became evident.  These messages were accompanied by one particular claim of sense based experience.  It was as a spirit was in conversation with one of the members that a claim of a cool breeze was noticed by them and then a sensation as if her arm was being stroked and touched by someone.  Nothing visible was noticed but the unexplained activity of a breeze was noted by another member who claimed to have felt a cool but distinctive rush of air by the side of his neck and head.

The medium referred to a female spirit and a sister association came through with her.  Information was given about someone thought to be Jacqueline JillJackieCollins OBE (4 October 1937 – 19 September 2015) an English romance novelistIn the 1960s she moved to Los Angeles and spent most of her career there.  In the séance she spoke of the importance of children to her as she saw a lot of the learning that she had done in life through and in them.  Time was something she in life either felt she had too much of or not enough to do everything in.  It sounded funny but balancing the needs of everyone with that of her own was something that she felt she had tried and not always succeeded at doing.  It was in the experiencing of cultures and lavish lifestyles that she felt many people could truly understand what mattered most.  In life Jacqueline Collins wrote 32 novels, all of which appeared on best seller charts for The New York Times, her books have sold over 500 million copies and have been translated into 40 languages.  Eight of her novels have been adapted for the screen, either as films or television miniseries.  The sister association is thought to be a reference for the fact that she is the younger sister of Dame Joan Collins.

There was another reference but this time to a lady and the name of Elizabeth in spirit.  She was someone who was not always notable for laughter but had a significant sense of what humor could mean in life.  She talked of her feelings that life could be difficult and particularly relationships could be less than what people wanted but it was important for a person not to lose their sense of individual meaning.  A lady who knew style and felt able to talk with people, it is thought she is Ruth Elizabeth “Bette” Davis (April 5, 1908 -October 6, 1989) an American actress of film, television and theatre.  She is regarded as one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood history, she was noted for her willingness to play unsympathetic people in films and was reputed for her performances in a range of film genres, from contemporary crime melodramas to period films and occasional comedies, although her greatest successes were her roles in romantic dramas.  At peace after a long time, she spoke in the séance of thoughts on timely awareness of what achievements could mean and meant in her career.

In the séance the medium talked of a male in spirit and baseball.  It is thought that because of what was referred to the spirit reference is of Henry Jaynes Fonda (May 16, 1905 -August 12, 1982) an American film and stage actor.  His career is known as spanning five decades.  In the séance associations were mentioned by the spirits and companionable affection.  Fonda made his mark early as a Broadway actor.  He also appeared in 1938 in plays performed in White Plains, New York, with Joan Tompkins.  He made his Hollywood debut in 1935.  It is noted that his career gained momentum after his Academy Award-nominated performance as Tom Joad in The Grapes of Wrath, a 1940 adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel about an Oklahoma family who moved west during the Dust BowlHe in the séance gave a speech which talked of not always having had the right wording for the times in his life but that his feelings were most loving for the people and films he knew well.

It was a séance in which there was a lot of interest in what happened and was spoken of at different times during its progression.  The members could validate the information that was given to them in messages.  Films and the influence of acting seemed important to all three of the latter noted spirits.  In investigating what happened and what was noted because of it, the séance did feel as if there was a lot of enthusiasm for the spirits in noting what their lives had meant and what they had stated because of it.