Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 8th August 2017.

The séance was closed and sat with experienced members.  It was held in a checked room.  Objects were visible and put out in full view of the sitters.  Medium and members began the séance and notes were made of what did occur.

The medium went into trance.  Messages were passed from individual spirits to members. Information was given that pertained to both who the speaker spirits were, what was being referenced, the age of the sitter when certain memories were noted and recent validated insights about their lives.  It was because of several of these messages that validations could be given by members to the spirits.  An explanation of a recent odd incident was given by a spirit to a sitter and this caused much hilarity and intrigue.

Orbs were noted and these were unexplained blue lights that appeared over and in front of members.

The medium talked of a specific spirit Sir Henry Joseph Wood CH (3 March 1869 – 19 August 1944) an English conductor best known for his association with the Proms, London’s annual series of promenade concerts.  He conducted them for nearly half a century, introducing hundreds of new works to British audiences.  It was after his death, the concerts were officially renamed in his honour as the “Henry Wood Promenade Concerts”, although they continued to be generally referred to and notable as “the Proms”.  In the séance the male in spirit was referred to with a name of Wood and musical stage.  An anniversary was notable for him as referred to in speech and in research.  Comedy and growing up with the heroes of film and stage who caused hilarity was important for him and he quickly understood that musical attributes had a lot to do with how people perceived things.

Musicality seemed important for the next spirit who was referred to and the female spirit was introduced because of an image of her in film.  Ginger Rogers (born Virginia Katherine McMath; July 16, 1911 – April 25, 1995) an American actress, a dancer and singer is believed to be the spirit noted in the séance.  She is widely known for having performed in films and RKO’s musical films, partnered with Fred AstaireA mother figure was spoken of by her as important and the stage became an intriguing aspect of life in both her life and that of her mother’s too.  Virginia appeared on stage, as well as on radio and television, throughout much of the 20th century.  In the séance films were spoken of and a motivation to do well in life.

The séance had some extremely interesting messages that had meaning for members and validations that were noted for the investigation.  Musicality appeared to be important in life for both the latter spoken of spirits and it was referred to as having a meaning for them, the spirits in each example spoke and were noted.  Unexplained activity did occur and this was in the smells, Orbs and sounds that were heard during the séance.  There was the sound of footsteps at one point in the investigation, though no one was seen to be walking in that area.  Smells were depicted at a time when no smells were supposed to be either inside or outside of the room where the séance was held.  It was after the smell was noted that a spirit sighting was seen.  The sighting was the outline of what appeared to be a loved family member of one of the sitters in the séance.

It was a séance that did need a lot of investigation because of what was seen and heard.  While no explanations could be found, it was interesting that these experiences were noted by several of the sitters at the same time and that they were then followed up with spirit speech or messages.  It seemed a very active séance and one that was full of significant information.