Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 11th July 2017.

When a séance is mentioned there maybe many notions of what this could mean.  For me, in terms of the investigation a séance can be an interesting basis from which to observe an objective setting and for experienced members to aid in either a confirmation or explanation of what may be noted in any unexplained activity.  This is why it is important that the room is checked, the objects are noted by all the members and what maybe seen, heard or sensed be fully questioned and investigated.

I have sat in many séances and investigations have been carried out in each of these but every occasion has been different.  There have been poignant, emotional, intriguing and odd séance experiences and in this recent investigation humour became extremely notable.

Unexplained noises and validated messages became important noted parts of the séance and many of the references came from younger spirits.  These messages were funny as in humour filled and it was hard for any of the members not to join in with the sense of humour.  Awareness of what had happened in life for some of the members from the younger spirits had to be noted as individual and funny.

The messages from the younger spirits were validated by the recipients of the information. Unexplained noises were also heard during the time when sighting of the spirits were noted and messages were relayed.  The area in which the noises were heard was visible but nothing could be seen as for causing them.

The medium spoke of John Constable, RA (11 June 1776 – 31 March 1837) an English Romantic painter.  He was born in Suffolk.  Paintings were his means of communicating his thoughts and he is known principally for his landscape paintings of Dedham Vale which is the area surrounding his home and now known as “Constable Country” somewhere invested with an intensity of affection by him.  In the séance a sense of achievement and combined nationalism was felt by him, the spirit referenced this and his love for the time that he was able to paint colours accurately to that of the animals and examples that he did see.

A séance can need members to be vigilant for the different types of activity, speech and notable forms of message that can be experienced.  In the investigation it was as the male spirit was noted that other spirits who had given a message specific to a painting then made sense for them.  Speech talked of by the male spirit was noted for what was spoken of and when in the séance the information was made known.

Members each received a message during the séance.  It was the younger child given information that did bring about much humour.  At times several spirits were noted in the séance and each of this actively added to the proceeding investigation through speaking and then talking to the person for whom they had a message.  The medium on these occasions, to avoid confusion, gave appearance description and then the information that they would like passed to the individual person.  It was significant to note how the response to what occurred in the séance seemed to give each member a cause to remember something that had meaning and was relevant for what was happening in their lives.